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    hey all...im from delaware had my first build on a mongoose impasse 29er mt bike ...well let me just say that im pretty handy wit motors. i got the gt-5 sky hawk and the motor mounts cracked when i tryed to screw in the mounts in the front...vee frame was way to fat around even for the univeral mounts ...now im stuck with a motor with no were to mount in the front ...i guess i have to modify to front screw holes some how.

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    Hi Iron, welcome to Motoredbikes!

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    I had the same problem with my bikes frame. I went to Lowes and got some steel brackets. Pressed them together, drilled a hole, bolted them. Then used some aluminum bar stock and drilled holes wider to use the universal. Worked perfect for less than 5 bucks.

    Good luck!

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    nice setup typhoon! With something like that and some JB weld, you should be set ironlion!

    How is that blue paint holding up?

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    Paint is great on everything but the lower 1/3 of the muffler. To hot. It's 500 degree paint, shoulda got the 700:) Thanks for asking! Good luck Ironlion!
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