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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by blacklabel7345, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. i havent gotten my 80cc kit in the mail yet, and for all of you skretenisers it is an ebay kit, but what the ****, i might as well get one cheap as an entry level project. going over the plans and the forum threads i was wonering why people just dont use skateboard truck bushings
    maybe im onto something or maybe im wrong

  2. for engine mount spacers that is
  3. gone_fishin

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    slow down and read, that's my advice.
  4. lol srry, it struck me, but i think im discovering america here
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    ^ ^ ^ Hahaha...

    That's what I thought: get into this on the cheap... well, it's not that simple for me. LOL.

    Among other things, I needed to make additional mount spacers and wound up hard-mounting the motor with beefy, custom billet aluminum mounts that clamp solid over the down and seat tubes of my Schwinn Cruiser. I have no rubber or urethane bushings for vibration damping in these mounts... and the more I learn about these motors, the more I wished I'd used something to dampen the vibration. Perhaps I can do a Version 2 down the road a bit...

    Your idea is a good one, but you still need to fabricate, in metal, the rest of the mount that would incorporate the use of these urethane skateboard truck bushings.

    Good luck! and welcome to MB.c.
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    LOL! yeah, but it's the good part...great idea, but i've learned that the bicycle will handle it better if you lock the engine down tight....if you experiment, and please do, give us a detailed report with pics, m-kay? :cool:
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  7. The softest ones might be great. You'll have to actually see your motor mounts to see if you can incorporate the truck bushings. Or fabricate your own mount specifically for use with the bushings. I'm in that waiting stage myself before I figure out my dampening strategy.
  8. heh heh heh....welcome to the new world....plenty of exploring around here!
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    I like it. Good idea. I had a Ford model A, it had the engine bolted to the frame, I put the rubber engine kit on the thing and what a difference. There are not to many motorcycles out there that have rubber mounts, but that is how Harley finely made theres smooth. Just make it so that you don't loose the alignment of the chain under load. Have fun, Dave

    PS: Oh yea, Honda put the handle bars in rubber.
  10. lol thanx guys for the repliys, im getting my engine on saturday(hopefully) and going to work on it saturday night/ sunday night.
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    Motor mounts

    I have been looking into alot of different ways of mounting these motors
    I have found that hard mounting them is the most common I have tried a rubber mount a leaf spring mount. but by soft mounting these little motors opens the door to a world of problems vibration being the worst. breaking studs is another. I made stainless steel studs for my mounts. But I still wanted to find a way to soft mount the motor

    I came up with Teflon Solid teflon stock is soft enough to absorb the vibration and solid enough to reduce the metal on metal friction as well Solid Teflon is not cheap but all anyone will need is a .50 inch spacer made for both front and rear mounts. Im making a set of these for my build
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    Yours is a good idea and we sure would appreciate any feedback about how well they work..how durable they are...how much they cost,etc.Please post pics when u do.
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    More photos

    You can see the rear mount with the teflon spacer block

    The rest of the bike is still in the mock up stages when I am satisfied with
    everything I will test fire and run the bike and then off to paint



    I still have the tank to finish and the wheels to be built Im going with a drum front break set up I still have not decided on the rear hub yet
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    I've never heard of this teflon stock. Intriguing. Where do you buy it? Can you work it with just hand tools or does it require milling/machining?
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    You can get on Ebay its hard with hand tools but you can do it
    milling it is the best way.
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    It's the mounting base from the standard Grubee kit...u can buy it as spare parts from just about anyone that sells Grubee 4-stroke kits.If your going to buy that base get the genuine Grubee.

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    mrspock if you beam over to bicycle engines.com,they have that mount.An interduction would help us to meet and know you.louis
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    I can't tell by their poor picture if it's the right one or not. I can't see the attached piece and no mounts on the ends that attach to the tubes. Can't take the chance on losing $50. It could be the same as the one I have.