Engine Noise; 4 Stroke Vs. 2 Stroke



I just saw a YOU TUBE video of a guy riding a 4 stroke Hua Shueng on a country road. It sounded loud as all get out. But then another one on a suburban street sounded pretty good.

I remember someone saying sometimes it's the gearbox. My Dax four stroke is not that bad, when you are standing by the roadside listening to it. What has been the recent consensus on these. Are they generally quieter than the 2 strokes and can you get the same top end speed? I know the torque curve is more mild, no problem with that. I ride in the city, so this is a concern, but I've never been hassled yet, which is amazing.

Not yet....

You have a DAX 2 stroke. And yes, they are quite for sure. At full throttle all you hear is the wind.. At idle you can talk over the little 2 stoke for sure. As for the 4 strokes.. They are even more quiet. And.. Not for sale yet. It will be around 6-8 weeks before the new Titan XC 4 Stroke will be for sale. Thanks.. And.. Enjoy the ride... It just keeps getting better and better..

thanks Duane, I'm wondering if you can mount that Titan engine in the frame also, like the hua shueng grube kit?
Here's the thread urbancombat...if u do like Alaskavan suggests it saves people answering the same questions all the time. :)


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