Engine plates and Brackets...Any Interest?

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by velosolex, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I'm not a vendor, and this forum would not allow me to post under the vendor catagory, so I'll try and do this here. If I have posted to the wrong area, please forgive me!!!

    I have a 100,000 sqft. metal stamping facility and lots of aluminum, steel and stainless steel sitting on the shelves just wanting to be cut, formed and sold as brackets that maybe some of us can use.
    If anyone is interested in replacing their hot rolled P&O engine plates and brackets with lighter aluminum components (6061-T6 tooling plate), I'd be willing to help you out. I have a good deal of 3/16" and 1/4" plate on the shelf. I can turret punch this plate and in a pinch maybe laser the 3/16" thick plate if you want less die roll. I also have 5052H32 aluminum in thickness's up to 1/8" that can be formed and hemmed over as required should anyone need a softer material. Aluminum is light, but doesn't like to be formed without a required minimum inside bend radius, as we all know. However, when done right, aluminum can give us a good durable product to be proud of.
    On the other hand, some people prefer C1008/1010 steels, we work with that daily due to customer demand for cheap, good quality, materials. Hot rolled steels are also used for building brackets that do not require accurate material thicknesses due to dimensional issues. In our case, HRPO would be fine for a lot of the brackets used, but come at a weight penalty.
    Whatever your need is, PM me and I'll work with you to get the right part for your needs. I have a 24 hour CAD service that will take your design and turn it into a finished part. All I need is a verbal, hand sketched, or drafted drawing. I'll submit quality drawings to you for approval.

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    In a word yes, but on my end anyway it would be just one offs and probably not worth the bother. One of the hardest things for me is sourcing parts and materials to do all I"d like to do.
    Sounds like quite a facility you've got there. There are vendors here who might very well like to know about it. Since you're not a vendor a better place for this might have been in the MotoredBiking Parts & Accessories forum..
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    Thanks for the tip on where to post. Is there anyway to move the message, or should I repost?

    Yes, it's a nice shop, and low quantities aren't an issue, but with quantity piece price is dramatically reduced to the set up time being spread over a higher quantity of parts. I can program a part, run it out to the laser and do the work myself if need be. My end is in part design and programming. I've been thinking of starting my own line of engine mount kits.

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    Hi Cris,

    Please contact me about competitive bids on fabricated parts.
    Which state is your shop located?

    Have fun,