Engine Problem!!! In need of some help!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by StrontiumEthics, Aug 11, 2008.

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    My engine started great before, but now Im trying to start her up and not a chance, I just got it and probally rode like 10 miles sofar, from testing around the block, etc. Now when im trying to start her she only coughs. For example, I will pedal to about 10-15 mph then pop clutch I will hear the compression going and no starting, I see smoke comming out the muffler, but a little bit, I will feell the bike jerking back and forth a little bit, (Seems to me it sparks, but not enough). So I read the forum a littlebit to see if i got any problem mentioned, I dryed the sparkplug, and check for a wet magneto, and check my wiring. Is there any reason why my engine wont start, only coughing on me with some minor smoke out the mufler? I also have a NGK B6HS comming on the way. You guys think its my CDI? I never really had a problem with it? I even rode the bike a little and put my hand on the spark plug and did feel a small "Zap". What do you guys think????

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    you need to systematically start ruling things out. i'd start with the carb. take it apart to inspect the float and aircleaner and needle valve etc and move on from there. if you have spark then the ignition system is probably not the suspect. bad/old gas/oil mixture then? make sure everything is tight engine wize.

    also when you are trying to start it, your choke is not in the up position is it?-just thinking of the obvious. good luck.
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    I found the Problem

    Luckly I found the problem, it was my fuel mixture ratio, I was about to finish a bottle or 2 stroke oil, and I had a little left over so I dumped the rest in with the fuel (50 ml) so I dont waste it. For those of you out there, Today I learned the hard way. YOUR FUEL MIXTURE RATIO IS VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Serious. Now I just gotta correct minor chainline problems and I'll be good to go. Thanks for the help people!!