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    Hello fellow motor lovers!

    I am brand new to the forum here and i guess i have to introduce myself. so i am from Indianapolis IN. i just bought my first 2 stroke motor about a week ago. i had to take it to a custom welder to get a custom mount. i got everything together and all is good but one problem. it wont start. i no i have everything connected and fitted correctly. my uncle is a mechanic so i took it to him and he is mind boggled. the problem is that when i pull the clutch in it goes into neutral then i start peddling and let the clutch out and the gears are not turning. also the generator is not spinning either. but it all changes when you take the spark plug out. everything runs just like it is supposed to gears turn but there is no spark to fire up the engine because the spark plug has been disconnected. i have tried everything please help!!!


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    Have you tried to remove the exhaust, then see if it fires up?
    Maybe try seeing if there is a clog of sorts in your exhaust pipe?...just a thought :whistling: I have seen a few ways of stock assembly for the kit exhausts, and it would not surprise me to see one welded shut, or pinched off in some manner on the inside. I'm just guessing from what you describe, but it would seem if it cranks without the plug in that an escape route for compression was created by doing so?
    Good luck, and keep us posted!