Engine Trouble engine randomly not starting and starting?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by christophermcmahon, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Hey guys, so recently I just refilled my gas tank for the fourth time, used 8oz of 2 cycle oil and a gallon of gas, been using this ratio the whole breakin but the bike has been having trouble starting for some reason after the refill. I have to pedal longer to get it to start then if I try to idle it, it will die then not start again for a couple hours. If I start it then ride on it for about 10 minutes it will idle perfectly. I am concerned about this because it worked on the way to work but would not start on the way back. I cleaned the engine, spark plug, and tried to see if the filter was clogged, which it wasn't. When it dies from idle and I try to start it again, it almost starts. I can hear popping and it gives like a second of power before dying. I need to fix this soon because I need this reliable source of transportation up and running again. Also, if I leave the fuel line open floor about an hour, then turn it off for 4 hours would the carb sill be clogged?

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    I'd cut that ratio down to 4oz per gallon since the rings should have a much better seat by this time. Leaving the petcock turned on when the engine isn't running can fill the bottom of the engine with fuel making it hard to start, and causing excessive smoking for several minutes till it clears out.