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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by AlexRSS8, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. AlexRSS8

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    Ok guys and dolls, i got some ideas for my soon to be 50cc bike

    first off: rebuild the motor and im pretty sure a mechanic round here will do it pretty cheap.

    secondly: the Sparkplug and lead have already been replaced, no worries there.

    third: Exhaust, to drill or not to drill.

    fourth: Im really getting into my whole Sparkplug running off 9v simple circuit, i might pre-build and evaluate that idea before jumping the gun, maybe run some diagnostics on a Mower ( lol )

    fifth: Smaller sprocket, I was looking towards a 32/36 tooth, but am now considering going as low as 20 something tooth.

    sixth: Replacing the carby with a decent one and mounting a small air filter with custom tubing to the front of the bike (cold air intake for the win)

    and various mods in between such as rubber mounts, big custom intake to the front of the bike (making a plastic mount at the front like an over the radiatior cold air intake).

    I think i should be able to pump out a fair bit of power outta that, im also planning some weight loss (for the bike!!) but im not 100% positive of how im gonna go through with that

    AND, a camo 3 tone green all over, thanks impression, you've got me hooked on camo, and urban assault bike!!.

    That is all for now, if anyone has any more ideas modification to current ideas etc hit me up.

    Also, there should be a dedicated modification forum, but im more then happy to make do.

    p.s, after engine rebuild i will be running in the engine for about 100kms roughly

  2. arceeguy

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    1: These engines are not difficult to rebuild. Takes about 10 minutes (if that) to install a new piston, rings and cylinder.

    2: While I haven't had any stock plug fail, there have been a lot of stories told.

    3: I doubt drilling the exhaust will do much, there are other areas to improve first.......

    4: ......like improving the ignition system. How do you plan on getting it to run off of a battery? Sounds interesting!

    5: Personally, I like the stock 44T sprocket. Can climb hills reasonably well, and give 30+ mph top speeds. I keep my speeds around 22mph for cruising. It doesn't attract unwanted attention from the cops, and aside from that, I don't want to go any faster on a $79 bike.

    6: I agree, one of those "knock off" Mikuni or Dellorto carbs for pocket bikes will offer greater tuning options than the super simplistic stock piece. I'm not sure a "cold air" intake will do anything to improve things.

    There is a dedicated forum for "hot rodding" called "Wild in the Streets". Lots of info and discussion there.

    Good Luck!
  3. impression

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    hehe, this should be interesting.

    Learn to handle the bike at stock settings before you modify/tune it :)

    I personally just want a higher top end speed so i dont have to rev the engine as much for a decent cruising speed.
  4. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    Motors just age, get old, lose power etc etc, so rebuilding it is a great option (and im pretty sure it wasnt run in 100% impression!)
    nah its all good, rebuilding it just to give it that like-new power.

    and as for the cold air, i basically just want more air to the engine, then play around with the petrol/oil ratio and set it for a fairly lean mix and get it running more powerfully and if basic modification tells anything, more air=more power, but without an ecu you have to manually change the settings for injection for a leaner or milder mix etc etc
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  5. Mountainman

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    lean mix -- more speed ???

    what is the purpose of wanting lean mix -- more speed ???

    have a good day from MM
  6. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    Same here with the higher top end speed, you know i gotta try and keep up with your and brads 80cc some how

    and these are mods im planning after im some experienced,on anpther note i'll be getting a decent leather jacket and boots, that with some jeans and a decent helmet, and if i stack it, well it wont be too painful.

    Catch ya round
  7. arceeguy

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    Lean it out........

    .....But remember a two stroke often runs best right before it blows up! :)
  8. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    Well, my brother has got a fair bit of the electrical side under his belt, its basically instead of using a wheel ran dynamo i'll use a battery to generate that power.
    now you'll still have to start peddelling slowly with the clutch in, flick the switch, drop the clutch and on your way.
    now, wiring up a battery to the mini box to the ignition lead is as easy as, then intercepting the cable with a switch, which as you know as a simple circuit. so basically testing that out, now its not the best idea, but i designed it on functionability.

    Now, some beta testing will be done, but i am trying to figure out what kinda voltage i'll need to spark it, and spark it well
  9. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    Whatever mate, we'll see, im prepared to put the man hours in, and its not gonna blow anytime soon lol