Engine Redlines

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by DIYMark, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Hi gang,

    Ive finished my first build of a fully decked out "80" engine on my MB, and now I'm thinking of a new build.

    Currently I'm building my 50cc Pocket Bike engine Friction drive now which gives me time to think. Next I want to do another Kit but I'm stuck on one decision.

    Whether to go for 50cc or 80cc (66cc).

    What I wanted to know what is the fastest you have had a BONE STOCK KIT go on FLAT ground (so I can work out red line)?

    I think the 50's rev high (higher than the 66cc's) due to the bushing and the fact that the engine was originally a 50cc engine (ie designed for 50cc so its balanced for 50cc) where as the 66cc is a "bigbore" for the 50cc and that makes the engine out of balance - I doubt the Chinese re balanced the crank, its probably identical to a 50cc one; after all, they have the same throw.

    Could any one shed some light on this?