Engine rolls then stalls

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Pastor M, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Pastor M

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    I've searched but found nothing.

    I got a used spooky tooth and managed to inherit a bunch of problems not evident, when i bought it. I have a decent knowledge of bikes, but I am just learning about how the engines and related parts work.

    The main problem is that when i go to start, the engine will roll over fin but will decrease rpms till it dies, all within a few seconds. I can do this 3 or four times before it will finally start and keep going strong. (I always peddle to at least 7-8 mph)

    Ive tried messing with all sorts of different settings on the carb/choke. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

    There does appear to be some very tiny leaks around the plug and exhaust. I pulled the plug and it looked a little wet, but that was probably from goosing the throttle while rolling it over 3-4 times.

    Talked to a friend who works on diesel engines and he thinks is a compression issue from the possible gasket leaks. In that after rolling over a few times components have heated up enough to seal themselves. Another idea was that the carb is blocked up but i haven't had time to check that yet. We also hooked a multimeter up to it to check the idle. It read around 3000 RPMs (although we think it was doubling the reading for some reason, but 1500 rpms is still way to high, but the idle doesn't sound that high)

    Now the last time i rode it, it started after 1 or 2 tries but sounded like it was choking out for about 2.5 blocks before the normal power/sound kicked in.

    So what does MB say? You guys seem knowledgeable as #e!! and i value your insight.
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  2. BSA

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    Check you CDI is wired correctly and you have spark. Check for airleaks.

  3. StrontiumEthics

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    Lol, the same thing with me, but my problem was that the white wire comming out the magneto was grounding itself, so check that, another problem could be that your petcock is probally close, or your choke is probally up. Also
  4. stude13

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    hi pastor; have you replaced the spark plug? the washer on the plug is a squash fit, so once it has been tightened it does not squish again. there is a fix posted. mitch
  5. Pastor M

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    My mechanic friend mentioned that but said that the washer felt fine (virtually unsquished) But yeah its a good point. It did seem to start just a tiny bit easier after pulling the plug.

    I forgot to mention it but this bike seemed to run fine the first couple times then had this problem.
  6. stude13

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    if the washer wasnt flattened the spark plug wasnt seated properly. of course i dont know if that is the problem.