Engine running rich ?


Apr 28, 2021
Hi, I used to have a 2 stroke 80cc engine. It had a expansion chamber (mz65) hp carb with the nt stock carb jet, and high compression head. The top end became a mess, and the engine studs were stripped. I just ordered a new engine ( just the engine ), it was the exact same engine I bought except in black, well I put it on the bike with the old parts, I used 32:1 mixture. The bike ran okay but sometimes it sputters and bogs. There’s no air leaks at the intake it is torqued down unbeilevably well. With clutch held in it idles quite well. I been riding it for the past few days and I’ve just delt with the bogging and sputtering. One thing I may say that’s real good. If you just ever so slightly pull the clutch in it’s almost like a boost, and goes really fast it’s recalling just finding the sweet spot. So I’m not sure what’s the culprit for the kinda rough ride. Any ideas ?