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Finishing up the build of my Schwinn Cruiser/Happy Time motor and to be quasi-legal I need to pay a one-time plate fee (no annual registration, driver's license endorsement or insurance required). My location will remain vague for obvious reasons... Hee.

The paperwork asks for simply a bike serial number (got that) and an engine number, but since these chinese 2-strokes have none, I'd like to make my own.

I just want the number to be plausible, hence this first post of a possible thread asking other's opinions about how many characters the phantom/fake engine number should consist of.

I could, and probably will, just come up with my own, but, hey... just thought I'd ask jo0 guys first.

Thanks in advance.

Unless it's on the box it came in when I bought the kit from a guy at work, I have no invoice or invoice number.

Great idea, though!

Maybe I can ask him, since he and another dude bought ten of 'em awhile back...
I had another idea Bean. I searched Electrical appliances, vacuum cleaners, electric cookware first, as many of these have serial numbers on either removable tiny plates or heat proof metal foil that can be lifted neatly off the item. I had 2 old car batterys with really nice engraved numbers that could easily be lifted off with a little precise dreml cutting work as well. Finally settled on an old vacuum cleaner's metal tag. I'm a big fan of tricks using poured Evercoat fiberglass resin, and if you place the tag on the hollow in the engine below the carb the finished number can be actually 'in' the engine rather than on it if done carefully.I use kid's play modeling clay to contain liquid epoxies until they set.I'm paranoid and want to eliminate even the possibility of an over zealous Barney Fife type from picking or lifting at my numbers.I'd just add that whatever you do, make it in a more inaccebale spot where fingers can't quite reach in easily to lift,scrape, or pry.
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Good idea, sir, although I had planned to literally stamp the numbers onto that blank canvas of cast aluminum... wherever most cycle engines are stamped.

I haven't looked lately.

Your way is probably best, I was too cheap to want to pay for the dies ...
The engine numbers that you mark to the main case and use for the one time registation/plate here in CA are not fake. If you lie about the numbering you used, that would be fake.

You are in CA and are requiored to have a valid CDL with at least an M-2 endorsement but might as well just get the M-1.
Thanks, Pete.

You are in CA and are required to have a valid CDL with at least an M-2 endorsement...
Is the endorsement necessary if the motorized bicycle's engine displaces 48cc or less?
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CDL is California driver's license.
Class C is what most ppl have. Class B is for busses and such, taxi cabs too iirc and class A is for OTR(over the road) trucks and such. Then there are endorcements for haz-mat and such.

Motorized bicycle operators in CA are requiored to have a CDL with atleast an M-2 endorsement but the motorized bicycle is only requiored to follow bicycle lighting/reflector laws.
Licensing requiorments are stated very openly in the CA motorcycle operators handbook in the early pages.

You guys in CA must read this booklet and take the test. DO NOT use your motorized bicycle to take the riding part of the test because most DMV personel will not know anything about a motorized bicycle. Use a friend's insured with current plates moped or small motorcycle.
A learner's permit is good for only a year and during that year you will be expected to take the riding test. A learner's permit will limit one to daytime riding only. This is all explained in the DMV m/c handbook.

If an officer wishes to site one for riding w/o a CDL w/M-2, the fine could equal the cost of the motorized bicycle or more. Think about that.

EDIT: If riding unlicensed underage the judge could suspend licensing privilages until one is 18. That does not sound like fun!
EDIT: Equipment violations, like no horn, mean nothing when compared to license violations. ;)
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