Sprockets Engine Sprocket and chain issue, help!

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    So i might be a dumb*ss but i havent gotten the motor running yet and i've run into some problems already. I finally got the chain tool to put the chain onto the wheel sprocket and the engine sprocket next to the clutch. So I hopped on my ride and tried to pedal, the rear bicycle wheel moves only like a half cm when i pedal. So I stomped and jumped on the pedals and literally put all my weight on the pedals, then the rear wheel moved like an inch. so i took the chain off and used a socket & ratchet wrench to try to move the chain sprocket in the engine without the chain, it was hella hard to move the sprocket and took a lot of upper body strength... it was the same way when i fed the chain through. It's a two stroke raw gas engine. I'm assume that theres something wrong with the engine sprocket? If you can help me that would be awesome of you. :(:???:
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  2. srdavo

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    do you have your clutch adjusted properly?
  3. Take the spark plug out and try it. That should make it easier with no compression...
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    when i read your replies i didnt have it installed, i just put in the clutch just now... it still doesnt work. I dont know if i put the clutch pin/bolt in the right way in the engine sprocket cover. The clutch pin/bolt is cut into a half circle, does it matter if the flat side or the round side of the clutch pin is next to the bolt connected to the engine sprocket? I know that the spring/tension is at a decent tension, the clutch moves a 1/4" when i put the clutch in when i tried to pedal. The chain is tight as helllll I readjusted the chain tensioner to get better clearance for the chain and to get better tension. so what the **** is the problem? I even took out the spark plug with the clutch still in... still cant pedal
  5. srdavo

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    you need the flat side, toward the sprocket.

    if your engine won't turn over, with the spark plug removed....your chain is probably in a bind (bunched up) under the sprocket cover.

    here's some pics of how the finished assembly should look.


    have a warrenty? defective thats not your fault. have it replaced