Engine starts backwards!?!

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  1. When u roll the bike forwards the piston moves and no spark. <-With clutch disengaged->. When I roll it backwards, I get the piston moving 4 times as much and fast as when rolled forward. I still don't know what the problem is. I am getting fuel.

  2. jaguar

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    don't worry about the forward/backward difference.
    make sure the clutch fully engages and fully disengages.
    adjust the cable slack and the flower nut till the clutch works properly
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  3. And it will automatically fix it's self?
  4. Would it slip If the woodruff key moved around to buch?
  5. jaguar

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  6. I know that I was getting spark but very weak spark but still spark. And now I don't get spark when I roll the bike forwards or backwards. It feels like I am getting more compression and piston movment when I roll the bike backwards.
    Do u still think that this is a clutch problem, compression problem or a electrical problem? I am definitely getting gas.
  7. jaguar

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    Did you read the link I gave you?
  8. No not all of it yet I rwas the rest and then get back to u. Thx
  9. crassius

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    no idea what those links are, as they don't show anything on my 'puter - had a backwards motor one time many years ago & if I recall correctly it was a bad CDI unit - it ran just fine backwards
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    do you have a spring tensioner? those cause more rolling resistance when rolling backwards if the alignment isn't 100% perfect.
  11. Yes it does but i don't think that's the problem, I bet it's the cdi.
  12. I fixed the compression problem. It was the woodruffkey behind the clutch case small bevel gear. Now it has compression but no spark.it now for sure has fuel and compression.
  13. marshall johnson

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    be certain the cdi is not grounding some where