Engine starts but can't give it any power, was spewing gas when clutch was pulled.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Scamceno, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Scamceno

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    Well I rode my bike to work for the first time, got their no problem at all. I left it parked and forgot to turn the fuel injector(?) to the off position. From a past users warning he said remember to do that if the bike would sit for a long time. Well it sat 9 hours and I came out to an empty tank, and my bike covered in what I believe was gas(i suppose water isn't to strange if it a sprikler was near the bush by the bike rack).

    I pedaled to a gas station nearby, put a buck in it(no oil, my intention was to see if the engine would start, and possibly get me all of 4 miles home). It did not, wouldn't even turn over at first. After fiddling with the choke I got it to turn over but my thruster wouldn't produce any power. I also noticed that when I released the clutch my leg would get sprayed with gas. I ended up getting the bike home but have no idea what the problem is. I've been reading around but becaause im such a newb i'm learning as I go.

    Any ideas for when I go get a better look at her tomoorow?

  2. crassius

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    first, you probably won't get 10 seconds of running without any oil mixed in and that may destroy the motor

    second, your problem is most likely that all the fuel is now inside your motor - take out the spark plug and pedal the bike around spinning the motor till all the gas is out (this can be messy & if you leave the spark plug cap near the motor it may catch fire too) - so you may want to turn the bike upside down with the plug out and gently turn it till fuel stops coming out

    I have often wished for a drain plug at the bottom of these.
  3. Scamceno

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    Oh I see, good thing I didn't try to start but a couple of times then. Thanks for the advice i'll go work on that right now.
  4. Scamceno

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    Well I did that and when I figured it was dry took it for another test run, No dice. The engine won't respond to the thruster, though it sounds like it's trying. Also now the engine turns off with the clutch pulled in.

    Did I screw the entire thing up? I'll also be looking at other threads but any more helps appreciated.
  5. butre

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    you probably blew the crank seals. there's plenty of information on this forum on how to fix them
  6. Scamceno

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    Will be looking into the info, thanks
  7. HeadSmess

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    not probably...DID!

    "wouldnt even turn over at first"...thats hydraulic lock.

    the only way out is through the seals, and to save some time...its will most likely be the thin one on the magneto side. with luck you can just push it back in, after removing the magnet.

    and then, clean/adjust your carb, taking particular care to make sure theres nothing lurking in the needle valve (remove the brass nipple that the fuel line attaches to, and blow it out)
  8. Scamceno

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    Damn, looks like I've got a good amount of work to do. I knew it would come but I havnt even ridden this thing 10 times yet, ah well. Thanks for the 'll of the information, very much appreciated.
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    OK so I've finally found some time for the bike. I checked the seal on the side with the magnet and pushed/hammered it in the best I could but that didn't do anything. So i've stripped the engine down, and Im 2 stripped sscrews away from having it open so I can see the inside of the crankshaft.

    I wanted to ask is their anything you guys would suggest I replace or tinker with while I have this thing torn down? I'm going to order a couple of seals just to be on the safe side so I don't have to tear it down a 2nd time. Also is it normal for these screws to strip so easily? are they made that cheap or is this just what I get for buying a used bike?(just curious, I wanna replace every dang screw if I can).