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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by fm2200, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Today I start the engine and it's running, but when I take the choke off it starts to die. Then after many attempts to run the engine without the choke it starts to die. Later I am gong down the road and its surging over and over again like it's starving for fuel. What should I check for? All the connections are tight and there are no vacuum leaks. The gas is brand new and the oil. Anyone have this problem, the was sitting for about 5 weeks.

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    If it was been sitting for a while it is a good idea to clean the carb and spark plug before running it again. could be a build up of junk stuck in the carb jets.

    Do this to test if the idle is set correct. turn the idle screw all the way in, then out 3 1/2 turns.. then test to see if it will idle when the choke is in the off position.
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    Was the gas sitting in the tank for 5 weeks?

    Throw out the old gas and make a new mix. Empty what's left in the tank. Ditto adrian101, clean the carb and plug.

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    Sounds like maybe your gas cap vent is blocked, you might have to try a different cap if available or drill a small hole in it. If it feels almost like an intermittent spark when it fails, then you want to check all your case screws with a hand impact driver to be sure you're not losing compression in the bottom end (don't forget the three screws under the clutch.
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    Thanks for your help, I will take apart the carb and look for buildup in the jets etc.
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    I thought let me start up the bike and try it again one more time and if it starts running poorly I'll take the carb apart. So I start it expecting it to run poorly, it starts right up and I push down the choke after giving it a 2 minute warm up and it performed perfectly, was I shocked. Not any of what occurred the other day happened.:tt1:
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    Here is something that might cover some of the issues that I recently read. If your engine bogs down when opening throttle, this sometimes an indication that the small brass nipple that the fuel line is slipped over on the carb. To test if there is gum build up, remove the small screw at the bottom of the carb bowl, if the fuel is slow to leak after the initial flow from bowl has been emptied. The brass inlet nipple has to be removed and cleaned with a small wire. This hot summer has made my engine run poorly twice in the last two months.