Engine test on old frame

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  1. triride

    triride New Member

    Hi, thought I would share with you the test rig I set up to test an engine out I recently built up.
    Just used an old road bike frame & found I could start the engine by just manually turning the rear wheel with the clutch already engaged so I did not need chainwheel/chain or clutch lever/cable which I have since removed.
    Thought it would also be a good way to run in new engines without having to go out on the roads at low speeds.

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  2. Hello Moto!

    Hello Moto! Active Member

    That's pretty neat. what kind of repair stand is that? I've been lookin for a good one that'll hold the weight of a MB lol.
  3. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Anyone done something like this as a dyno?
    Loading up the back wheel with a fan or generator or inertial weight and some sort of sensors to record RPM vs time would give a comparable HP curve.

  4. triride

    triride New Member

    Stand is just a regular bicycle repair stand that I use to repair my push bikes.
    Weight ain't an issue as there is only the frame,rear wheel,gas tank with small amount of gas,engine & exhaust.
    Reason I did it was to enable me to see if a repaired engine was a runner b4 I spent valuble time in fitting it to my proper bike only to find more problems!