Engine Trouble, one sided relationship

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Lordbabypanda, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Hello Motored Bikes Community again. This is Lordbabypanda here and I'm having trouble with my motorized bicycle.

    So, my motorized bicycle turns on and runs at least once a day, after that, it seems it won't turn on anymore and it's like an one sided relationship... :(

    I believe it's my engine, I got my motorized bicycle kit from BoysgoFast and I really regret decision. But mostly I replace most of my parts from Thatsdax, I just got an RT Carb from Thatsdax and it seems to work freaking great.

    I have seen/felt the spark on my motorized bicycle, I have adjusted my clutch adjustment, I tighten the clutch arm and it feels pretty solid.

    But I noticed gas/oil drips down from my muffler, and I know that isn't suppose to happen! So I'm guessing the air leak? My RT Carb Air filter isn't really on tight, I Just have a zip tie holding it and I can still pop it off.

    Help please.

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    sounds like maybe your gas cap seals too tight so it only goes a little before the vacuum stops gas flow
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    4 year old thread
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  5. Gas and oil drip not so bad thats stuff not burn there is a puffer bottle you can get that sucks it up then spits it right back into the cylinder one gets better milege and more power, but you might also try a high performance plug maybe a 3 prong plug or check your spark gap.
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    The person who cut the thread hasn't logged in in over 3 years, they are either dead or not dead by now, in either case they probably don't need help anymore with this problem.