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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by crazycrawler, Jun 16, 2009.

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    I believe I got some crud (melted gasket) material sucked into the engine. When I first got the engine I took off the intake manifold to polish it. The intake gasket tore and I made a new one, unfortunately the new gasket was made from material that was not gasoline proof. I have since replaced the intake gasket with the correct material but I can't get the engine to run. I think some of the melted gasket material got stuck inside the engine, maybe the reed valve and now it doesn't run. My question is, what is the best way to get to the reed valve. Can I just take the cylinder off the case or do I need to take apart the case halves? Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Has this engine ever run ?
    You need fuel, air, and spark.
    1 . remove the plug tie wire it to a cylinder bolt and observe the spark. Did it spark?
    2 . remove the bottom of the carb , open the pet cock does gasoline flow out?

    3 . remove the air filter and work the throttle while looking in the cab does the slide move up and down.
  3. there is no reed valves on these engines.
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    Apparently there are no reed valves on these. I'm afraid I don't know what might be there instead.

    But anyway, yes, I can't see any reason that you couldn't take the cylinder off without splitting the crankcase. (though I've never done it)

    I'm not sure that you need to, though. I would think that a bit of gasket material would get tumbled, charred and spit out.

    Have you double checked spad's recommendations yet? I'd start there.
    I can't help the feeling that your trouble might be something simple with nothing to do with the intake gasket.
  5. a reed valve would be on the intake pipe and on ours its just a plain old intake pipe.
    our engines use special piston desighns to control air/gas,exhaust flow using a lip on edge of piston head.
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    Thanks for your tips guys. This particular engine never ran. It was driving me crazy since it had spark, compression, gas was going into the combustion chamber. I swapped another engine into the bike since I had a spare engine and it runs fine so I know its not a carb or spark issue. Again, the only thing I did do on the engine originally before I tried to run it was take off the intake to polish it trearing the original gasket I grabbed the wrong material and made a new gasket from some gas soluble material. I did dig out some melted gasket material in the intake port so I assume there may be some more in there therefore the engine wont run? At this point I think I can probably just take the cylinder off the piston and clean out the piston and/or reed valve if there is one. I can't see any other reason why the engine wont run.

  7. spad4me

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    Your gasket material could have dissolved, ran down the intake port, and encountered the piston. There it formed a seal.
    Remove the carb and sparkplug from the non running engine..
    Look into the intake port while spinning the engine by hand .
    Can you see the piston.
    You may also need to remove the cylinder head to check the ports .
    might as well check the exhaust port and pipe too.