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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by 2stroker, May 18, 2012.

  1. 2stroker

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    I was cruising home tonight and my engine started runnin like it wasn't getting gas i opened the carb and it kept doing it. I looked at my fuel it was to thin. I added a drop off oil and it ran great.( i had to reset the full back to factory setting 1 3/4 turns then i fine tuned it and it ended up right before 2 turns a hair. but it runs great now. I think it was getting to hot i wonder if it warped my cylinder walls?

  2. Fabian

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    Hmmm, you could tell the viscosity of your fuel by looking at it?
  3. motorpsycho

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    if it got hot enough to warp the cylinder walls, it would have locked up.
    you added a drop of oil? your fuel was too thin?
    wth are you talking about?
    you can't determine if the fuel is too thick, or too thin by looking at it.
    it was probably vapor locking.
  4. 2stroker

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    I can tell how much oil is in the fuel by looking at it. I use clear bottles for my gas. I added a little bit of oil to the gas and the engine ran fine. I was thinking that it was getting to hot because when i let it cool of it ran fine until it heated back up. Then i added the oil and everything has been fine ever since then.

    If you cant look at your fuel and see that its to rich or to lean you better be riding a 4stroke. I dont always have a gallon premixed sometimes i gotta eyeball it. When i mixed the gas for that tank i was a couple jack and cokes into it. Then i took it for a ride the next day and realized i was running hot..Drinking does not go good with anything mechanical.lol
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    Will any member that can tell how much oil is in the mix....please stand up so we can count. I can't with certainly. But I can make a WAG.

    If you could tell how much oil is in your mix, then you should never of ran it since it was not the right portion....low...
  6. 2stroker

    2stroker New Member

    Thats funny-Im sure there are other people on here that can look at there oil and see if its mixed right..its not that hard. When i mixed the lean gas i was in the dark drinking liquor. I would expect something to go wrong. Liquor and mechanical things do not mix..When i seen it in the light i realized it was to thin..That is the 1st time that has ever happened to me and i never use a measuring cup. Just because you dont have the experiance to be able to look at your gas and tell if its mixed right doesn't mean anyone else doesn't. Its pretty easy after you seen what color the gas is supposed to be when its mixed properly.. I hope theres another member on here that has enough brains to be able to figure that out..please dont tell me im the only one. I have more faith in you guys than that.
  7. 2stroker

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    I used an oil i have never used before. It sucked it was hard to eyeball it. It was the red homelite oil it seemed to be a lighter oil. I use a dark blue that seems to be a litle bit thicker oil and its pretty easy to see when its mixed right after you have seen it a few times.
  8. wbuttry

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    i use the dark blue oil my self and my motor calls for 5.5 ounces of oil so i always put it at 6 ounces of oil that way i dont worry if i mixed it correctly and yes i mix up a gallon at a time sometime if i got the extra money i do 2 gallons never eyeball it always measure it better safe than sorry and drinking while riding these are iresponcible and u are old enough to know better drinking is nothing to be proud of at all.............