Engine Troubles Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kooolkidd21, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. kooolkidd21

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    Hello Motoredbikes.com users i have finished puting my engine kit on and have it running i have modified the exhaust pipe and drilled a few holes in the middle pipe i currently have a home made float in the carby as it was left out of the kit i was wondering if any posters might know if that would be the reason for it running fairly bad? i was running at 16-1 and the engine was too oiled so i knocked it back to 20-1 any help would be much appreciated

  2. gothicguy64

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    more info needed and where and type of motor are u using ?
    do u know that for 500 km u need to use 16:1
    a pic does wonders too
    if u google zbox ull find spares
    last but not least enjoy

    brad sydney nsw
  3. kooolkidd21

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    hey mate yeah i know that ur supose to run 16 to 1 for 500km but the amont of oil in my engine just wasnt right its running better with 20 to 1 and im trying to upload my bike picture