Engine turns, but only while peddling

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by KoozyK, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. KoozyK

    KoozyK New Member

    So, I finally got my dax 70cc engine mounted to my moondog, and i'm having some questions/concerns.

    1) do i really have to hold in the clutch if i want to just peddle? seems odd...

    2) the process of me starting the bike is like this:
    a) hold clutch
    b) start peddling/riding normal
    c) let go of clutch and keep peddling
    d) engine turns, but i have to keep peddling for it to keep turning. once i stop peddling, engine dies.
    e) throttle does nothing
    f) what's wrong?

  2. JohnnyLoves

    JohnnyLoves Member

    You must peddle until the engine takes over. You'll know when this happens, trust me. You can try twisting the throttle to give the engine a little extra gas.
  3. KoozyK

    KoozyK New Member

    i peddled for a while and it never "took over." I tried turning the throttle, but it didn't make the engine rev or anything...
  4. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    kill the kill switch
  5. Alan

    Alan Member

    spark plug wire hooked up properly, and getting spark ? ? Fuel getting into the carb ?
    Choke on ?
    Prime the carb first ? (press that button a few times)
  6. alex

    alex Guest

    Are you sure that the motor is turning over fast enough? If it isn't it's your clutch.
  7. KoozyK

    KoozyK New Member

    kill switch isn't wired in yet.
    The cdi is wired to the engine black-black. blue-blue. the cap is sitting firmly on the plug. how do you tell if it's sparking?

    choke is open all the way

    tried pressing the button to prime. same deal.
    clutch is ok, i think. it loosk like other people's pictures. when i'm holding it, i can ride it fine like a normal bike. when i let it go, it locks and i'm physically turning the engine while it putters. then it dies when i stop peddling. no throttling or anything.
  8. JohnnyLoves

    JohnnyLoves Member

    Click MeI figured I throw this link in just for kicks :
  9. BSA

    BSA Guest

    Try using your choke a bit. To check for spark remove the plug and ground it against the frame, then turn the engine over.

  10. KoozyK

    KoozyK New Member

    i have a friend who is a bit of a wiz with these things. he looked at it and tried changing the carborator which fixed the problem. while he was at it, he game me a different throttle which looks better than the cheap one from dax.

    only bad thing is that after he started it, the chain tensioner got stuck in the tire and broke a spoke.

    thanks for the help everyone.
  11. John-Forrest

    John-Forrest Member

    I had something like that happen when I was working on my new bikemoped. I tried riding down hills to get it started. Turned out a wire got disconnected. If engine doesn't turn over after peddling, it's most likely electrical.
  12. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    If its the very first time you have fired this engine into life it will take a bit to fire up.

    When I first built mine I had to peddle all the way around my block.

    I was knackered after peddling all that way and was about to stop and wonder what I did wrong when it sprang into life.

    You arent getting spark or fuel.
  13. John-Forrest

    John-Forrest Member

    Yeah, I noticed first day I was riding it, it was **** to get engine started. Now it starts easy, even with choke off completely cold.