engine was bogging down at 20mph and with vibration

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jtmiyake, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. jtmiyake

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    I made a stupid mistake a while back and cleaned around the carb with starter fluid spray. After some time, I've noticed the engine getting more vibration over 20mph. So I just thought the engine was getting a little tired as it has about 1500+ miles on it. I tried to open the throttle full out and it would bog down at about 23mph.

    This got me thinking I had a fuel / air mixture problem. Spark plug was a perfect brownish color. Fiddled with the "c" clip on the carb up and down and no luck. Finally realized that the gasket on the intake manifold was was cracked and leaking air by. I RTV'd it and did not help. I got to thinking that the starter fluid may have eaten up the intake gasket. Where else could air be leaking in. Duh... it could be the gasket under the bottom engine gasket. Sure enough, it just fell apart when I opened up the engine. Was going to just RTV it but I busted a piston ring trying to get it back together. So I know have rings and gaskets on order. Pretty confident that was my problem but I now sit with my motor bike THING.:icon_cry:

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    that's too bad man!

    did you make sure your rings were lined up with the alignment pins inside their little ring crevice? i did not know these existed until i cut myself putting the rings after many an hour of frustration
  3. jtmiyake

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    alignment pins. Guess I did not know about them. I've only rebuild 4-strokes. Thanks for the advice. That is what I get for trying to do this with the engine still on the bike and the piston still still connected to the crank.

    I have another question... does the larger gap at the split in the ring face down or up
  4. mattysids

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    it makes the shape of a "V" so the larger gap faces up

    the pins are on the top of the ring crevice and they fit in the larger gap perfectly
  5. jtmiyake

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    Cool, so I won't need a ring compressor then? I think I used my oil filter strap wrench on my lawnmower motor.
  6. mattysids

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    being 15, i'm too poor for any type of specialized tool

    i used my hands alone to compress these things because nothing else could get the alignment close enough

    they are very simple to press in, just be aware of sharp edge

    my blood most certainly lubricates part of the rings in my engine X-D
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    I know that busting that ring was a bummer
    but that's how we learn sometimes to be a little more careful
    been there many times myself -- old guy getting older -- still learning

    thinking that the cleaner should not have effected the gasket
    these THINGS are smashed very tight
    noTHING really should be able to get inbetween there

    good news
    you will be back up in short time
    have fun riding that MB THING
  8. BAM

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    mine is bogging down also sucked intake gasket in replaced it still doggie 26 27 mph but not reving high like it use to i think ill try head gaskets also let us know how it works out thought mine was wore out 1000 miles was head gasket bad tore missing pices cleaned carb new plug new wire good luck!