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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by openscreen, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Recently when trying to start my bike, I'll release the clutch and the rear wheel locks up, unable to turn the engine over. This happens about five out of six times. In the past, even when I had problems starting it, the bike always had enough momentum to keep the engine turning over while it was rolling. I am using a motorcycle oil (deigned to be used at 50:1) at 32:1. I know some members successfully run their engines at 32:1. I am just wondering if my engine (from Kings Motors) is not getting enough lube.

    Will someone tell me how to get my title to print in BF?


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    Have you tried rolling down a big hill and releasing the clutch?

    I run my engine at 40:1 on really cold days. Even if your oil is designed for 50:1 mix, you can make it 32:1 if you mix it correctly with the fuel.

    and i wouldn't have a clue about the bold font
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    nice bike, adrian101. I have not tried that. I'm a bit afraid I'd end up at the bottom of a long grade having worn a quarter-sized hole through my tire.
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    Thanks :D I think you'll be alright, Just give it a try.
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    If you cant start the engine it could be locked, by trying stronger you will only damage it even more. Take out the head and the piston jug, then disengage the clutch and see if the engine spins. In my case a worn a bearing cause a misalignment to the crank and make the engine stuck.
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    Thanks FelipeCobu. What is the piston jug? Is that the same as the piston? When I take the spark plug out and disengage the clutch, I can spin the engine. Does that give me any information about the bearings? Not being very good at working with engines, I am trying to avoid too much tinkering with the engine, but I'll certainly do it if i have to. Are all the bearings on these HT motors interchangable or do I need to order parts from the company I bought the engine from?
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    is your sparkplug to long?
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    If the engine seems locked up, the FIRST thin I'd do is remove the spark plug, and the magneto cover. Use a ratchet/socket and turn the magneto shaft at least 1 complete turn. If the piston seems to hit (which is doubtful) add a head gasket. This will decrease the compression and add clearance between the piston and head. Also for a easier start. I'm 210#, my son at 135# has problems at times getting it started without the rear wheel locking up..He just needs to gain speed and covers more distance.

    If you haven't started the engine, the engine can't be locked up for lack of oil. Heck you could turn the engine over (without starting) without any fuel mix and you might cause minimum damage...I wouldn't do it but I'm just saying.

    Since I can't peddle much to start, I use either starting fluid or throttle body cleaner to help. That stuff works great. I don't have to peddle and longer then the length of my truck. I only have to use it for the first start of the day. I drilled a small hole in the cleaner cap, just enough to get the supplied tube in. Just a short squirt.

    Here are some pointers...

    Oh and my eyesight leaves much to be desired....And I had mo problem reading it.
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    ddesens, I don't think it's the sparkplug, since I have had the engine running atleast a dozen times. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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    hey,Al.Fisherman, thanks for the pointers