Engine Trouble Engine will not run-Please Help

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by markham26, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. markham26

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    I've got a major issue with my bike as i have just installed a new shift kit, while having the motor off the bike for a week or so an issue has occurred and my motor will not run at all if i touch the throttle. the motor stars brilliant as always but as soon i i go to take off the bike will bog down no giving me any power and switch off, i have checked the needle and c clip and they are in the same adjustment setting they were before i took the motor off my bike, i am 100% sure fuel is going into the motor, and i have ruled out all other possibilities that may cause this problem :sweatdrop:

    Kind regards markham26
    (any input is kindly appreciated thanks)

  2. toojung2die

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    I would take off the float bowl and clean it out. Then remove and clean the main jet. I'll bet there's something obstructing the jet that allows the engine to idle but starves it for fuel when the throttle is opened. I'm assuming you have the standard NT carb.
  3. motorpsycho

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    I disagree. if the jet is blocked the engine will not run at all.
    I would check to make sure that you have the throttle slide in the carb the correct way.
    it can go in 2 different ways but only one way is correct.
    Long slot in the slide goes to the right side of the carb and lines up with the pin that's cast into the inside of the carb. the short slot in the slide, lines up with the idle adjustment screw.
    also make sure that there are no bare wires touching anything.
  4. BoltsMissing

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    Have you tried removing the fuel filter that's inside the tank and replacing it with a external inline fuel filter?
  5. markham26

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    thanks for your replies guys ill go and check now and get back to use asap :)
    kind regards markham26
  6. markham26

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    Just pulled my carbie apart, and to my amazement my whole main jet was hanging off, not even screwed on :S, thanks for your input everyone it is greatly appricated
    thanks markham26