Engine with alternator to charge deep cycle battery bank

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  1. Anyone seen any 80cc engines out there with an alternator that could be used to charge a deep cycle battery bank?

    I am building a hybrid tricycle with dual electric motors on the front wheels and a gasoline engine on the rear. When the engine is in use, I would like to use any excess electrical energy to help keep the battery bank charged.

  2. I've seen people run 6v lights off the engine. Couldn't this same energy just be directed into the battery?
  3. rcjunkie

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    The engine's dont' produce enough juice to do much other than run an ignition system.

    Your best bet is to take an alternator from a small scooter (49cc) or small motorcycle 125cc or less and attach a friction belt drive (or removable belt drive) to it from one of your wheels. When gas engine is doing the work, it can charge your batteries. Not very efficient but probably easist way to tackle this requirement.
  4. Guest

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    ...or find an older 50cc engine from a moped and run the engine just to charge the batteries and provide juice to the motors.

    Alternately, run a weed wacker engine with a pulley to drive a larger (automotive type) alternator to charge/power.
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    depending on which type of electic hub you purchase, like spooky tooth 36volt hub will recharge the bateries when it is coasting. So, if you have a gas engine, you could power with gas and at the same time it will re-juice the batteries for the electric hub. l was thinging about doing this myself with a new project. it will be another trike also......good luck
  6. Sounds like some kind of friction drive would be the way to go?

    Would this mean that when I am pedaling unpowered I am also charging the battery bank?

    Can anyone reccomend some kind of kit or something I can buy made for this type of application?
  7. grant

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    Each HP on the engine is going to get you about 400-500 watts. I had a 5HP industrial Briggs and Straton that put out 2400watts with SERIOUS load. A small alternator out of a geo metro or other small car would work good. I've modified 12v alternators to provide up to 100vDC, but they will do much better at 24v.

    I've thought about a hybrid bicycle, but where do you put all that junk? Motor, batteries, engine, and alternator...