Engine won't idle and there are no air leaks

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wolverene13, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    My bike has never idled. I never really worried about it because it didn't necessarily cause any problems. I also liked being able to simply stop the bike by disengaging the clutch and depressing the brakes, which would immediately stop the engine. However, someone stole my exhaust/muffler (probably some crackhead wanting to use it for scrap metal or something) and I had to ride around for a few days with no exhaust/muffler. During the time I had no muffler on the bike, it idled perfectly. But, I ordered a new muffler and the bike stopped idling like it did without it, as expected. Every post I've looked at has to do with an air leak. This issue seems like the bike isn't getting enough air; being that when the muffler was off (thus creating more airflow) it would idle. I've tried adjusting the idle screw here and there to get it idling again, but with no luck. I've realized now that without the bike being able to idle, I have to get the pedaling speed just right to start the bike without it either violently bucking and then dying (due to pedaling too slow) or starting fine, but with a huge yank to my spokes and sprocket (due to pedaling too fast) Any suggestions?



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    Have you tried it without the air cleaner on to see if it idles?? Possibly take the carby/manifold off and match up the inlet on the motor with the carby manifold, can do this with the outlet also, use a dremel or a die grinder both inlet and outlet can be 'relieved' of materiel to open them up to 'breath' better ...standard they are very badly 'aligned' for lack of better wording, the gasket alone over hangs causing obstruction to flow.

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    These new mufflers are harder to tune the bikes with. When I built the "King of Cruisers" I did the testing with an older muffler and it ran great. I had to have a custom one made and I had to re-adjust the carburetor settings because it ran more rich. I published a video that explains how and what the 4 carb adjustments do, I hope this helps.

    I would start with area 3) in the video and turn it CCW which will increase your idle.
    If it still won't idle go to area 4) and do the same. Do a couple of turns CCW on 3) if you have that style throttle cable before you start the bike so it will run while you tune it.
    If you have any question send me a message...

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    Could simply be running too rich. Try dropping the carby needle down a notch or two.
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    quick question but are you able to pedal fairly freely when you pull the clutch lever in all the way?
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    If not and you either need a push or a hill then I'd say maybe try loosening the flower nut on the clutch plate inside the crankcase. Mine was fully tightened so it never disengaged the clutch plate from the motor mine came like that outta the box on two kits that I had ordered a few months ago hope it helps good luck!