engine wont start! help please

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by masterx1234, May 20, 2010.

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    hey guys i cant seem to get my 52cc goped/auger motor started and fuel is getting to the motor and there is indeed a spark and all gaskets were replaced with new ones, so what els can make it not start? could it be bad fuel? im ready to give up on it, its only got 5 miles on it and ive never run it real hard, i never went above 18 MPH

    heres my motor: http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/49enwimapust.html

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    I have a GoPed with that exact engine.
    I practically pulled all my hair out fussing with it to get to start, idle, run slow and run fast reliably. I eventually learned that the slow speed adjustment screw is hidden underneath a plug of superglue in the center of the throttle wheel. If you look at the center of the throttle wheel you will see a brass ring with a hollow center section. The screw and glue plug is in the hollow center section. I used a small pencil torch purchased at a dollar store to burn out the super glue. It burns out very quickly with a bright flash. The brass ring was still cool to the touch when it was done. I found that I needed to turn the screw in about 1/4 turn to lean out the slow speed mixture. You may have to adjust yours differently though as each engine has different needs. The slow speed mixture does affect the starting mixture as well as the use of the choke lever.
    I hope all of this info helps you,
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    actually i did already try that, but thanks for the info, i contacted monsterscooterparts and there gonna send me another carburetor for free because i later found out that the carburetor was made incorrectly, this was verified by a guy down at the hardware store who specializes in these two stroke engines, he said i needed a new one because parts of the ports inside it werent cut out all the way