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  1. I have a 66cc 2 stroke china motor kit, it has been running real good except one day it started raining on the way home and about 10 minutes into the rain the motor started running like **** and eventually died and so i rode it home and put it up on the porch which has a roof but is exposed to the air and let it set for a day, during that day it rained all day long and finally quit. i then went out and tried to start it and it wont start for nothing. i have searched the forums and cant find anything on this type of problem. does anyone know what the sole problem is and what i can do to prevent this problem in the future. Also i have to store my bike on the porch which has a roof on it but the bike is exposed to the rainy air and it will never start after a rain. i could sure need some advice on this. I have never had problems starting the motor except after a good rain or is exposed to moisture.
    - Thanks all you gas bike heads out there !

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    think short in kill switch

    usually the simplest answer is the best one. I would look at your kill switch and see if could be shorted out somewhere when it gets wet. That would be the easiest fix. Lets hope that it will do the job.

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    pull the side cover off the front, left side of the engine (the cover in front of the sprocket cover). Get yourself a hair dryer or compressed air and blow that area under the cover dry.
    this is where your magneto is, and if it got wet, you will not get any spark.
    there is a gasket behind the cover but it's not a 100% seal. there is a hole in the bottom/front left side of the engine right by this cover, where the wires come out. water can work it's way up into the magneto through that hole. yes, the hole should have a plastic or rubber plug in it where the wires come out, but water can still work it's way into it.
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