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    Hello,my name is Marcello.My first build I bought a 66cc the limited edition with the slant head.Its been four months I live in Toronto Ont,Canada .I`ve had no problems with this engine and I also ride it everyday through the snow etc.I`m going for a second build and want to try a different type of engine want company with your experience would you recommend.Thank you.

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    Hello, Marcello and welcome to MBc. Personally, I have never been too big on 2-Stroke engines...I prefer a 4-Stroke. In particular, the Robin-Subaru EH035...with the right gearing it will knock your socks off. Take a look at my thread in the Powered Trike Forum > Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power > especially my Posts #41 & #47. The EH035 is not like other small engines. It has a real oiling system (much like an auto engine, with internal oil passages, anti-backflow valves, etc.) Most small engines, both 2 & 4-Stroke merely have a splash system (as the crank turns it just churns-up the oil in the sump, and you hope it splashes onto the parts that need it.) It has a cast iron sleeve lining the cylinder, ball bearings on both ends of the crankshaft, needle bearings on the connecting rod, and other good stuff. The web site for the Robin-Subaru is at: http://robinamerica.com/pfeatures.aspx?pid=49 Why not have a look so you will have something to compare other engines to in your search for your next engine? Good Luck.
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    No cast iron sleeve in a Robin Subaru.
    Aluminum alloy block with hard chromium plated cylinder
    according to their website.

    Honda GX35 is just as good an engine if not better and has
    a truly 360' mounting capability due to its unique oiling system.


    PS: I have a EH035 with over 3500 miles on it.
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    I stand corrected on the cast iron cylinder sleeve...it is, indeed, hard chromium plated, which you will have to admit is a lot more than most small engines. By no means did I intend to imply that the R/S was the only excellent engine, but a good example to compare others to...the Honda GX35 is also an excellent engine.