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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Neufcruz, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Neufcruz

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    I'm really enjoying her as a peddler so far! The amount of comments, looks is fantastic. the wife thought I was exaggerating but took her out for a bike ride the other day and now she wants me to build and sell. Lol
    Not until I find some reliable vendors! :)
    Just added a Beats pill so i can crank my tunes while i ride. Ordered some new bars that have a little rise. Love the look of these but not functional for my back. Lol
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  2. bakaneko

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    Yeh, it does look like a very nice bike. I would paint the engine white and you got a real nice ride
  3. KCvale

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    Nice bike.

    That the new GT2A-150 frame?
    Looks like a rear disc mount.

    The white is striking.
    Powder or paint?

    You going a 2-stroke direct drive?
    That will make the white brown in a hurry but it looks cool now ;-}

    I like the forks, the customer for the -150 I am building now wanted springers and they are OK, I just like your type better.

    I talked to Don about making those back wheels with a 3-speed disc but no go, pity, that would be cool.
  4. Neufcruz

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    Yes, rear disk mount and the reason I'm waiting so "patiently" for my top hat adapter. (Sarcasm).
    Sprinters would look cool but not this ride. Maybe I build an old school later.
    Actually going to paint case. Have all anodized red case covers and a polished head. Was thinking black but white would look cool. Might look into that. Right now I just want to get everything before I start tinkering wi the motor side. 2 stroke direct but plan on jack shaft through the 7 speed. Would love a 3speed internal on these rims.

  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Bummer you couldn't go jackshaft to start, you wouldn't need the TopHat and could have painted the JS parts white as you went.
    Of course you can still paint when you convert, but the hassle and mess of changing everything once it's been a direct drive makes me cringe.

    7-speed derailleur's work if you know how to shift them, but I'll take a 3-speed every time.
    I will be finishing my first -150 build today, it has a 3-speed, I would have used your rims if they had a 3-speed.
    I really need to lobby Don about that as they would have been cool wheels for this build.


    Your wheel is 150mm so it fit right in, the SA 3-speed hub is 170mm.
    Lets just say it took some creative bending but it fits.

    You mentioned you have built on the older GT2 frame, do you like the longer frame as much as me?
    You can run fat 4" 29ers on this monster, and I love the extra length of it.

    Anyway, nice build man and I'll be watching how you proceed on this beauity.

    BTW, how wide are your tires?
    It gets dicey direct drive at 2.25" any more on a 2-stroke I just resign to JSing anything wider, like with the 3" Kenda's on my current build.
  6. Neufcruz

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    The rear is a 2.25. Elaborate on "dicey" and why you "cringe" at converting over after. This is my 1st build so slowly learning, very slowly. Lol
    I figured for my 1st I would keep it simple and get it right before I tackle that project. then I can also see the before and after effect.
    Now, if I went JS, then I still would need a spacer iof some sort to move the rotor over to the left. If I mount directly to rim, it does not line up.
    I have seen tophat adapters at our local shop but only with 34t and 36t sprockets. I want a 40T. Where can I order\buy a 40T tophat and or a adapter\spacer to mount rear rotor to rim?

  7. BWB

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    Hey Mike the bike looks sic. What I ended up doing with mine was use a freewheel spacer. It threads on to the the existing threads then the freewheel threads on to it. Moves it over perfectly to be in line with the pedal sprocket. For the motor sprocket I just bolted on a 40 tooth aluminum one I got from custom motor bikes to the disc mount same as the one it came with. I offset the motor a bit so I could more easily run the 2.5" hookworms. I found the freewheel spacer at e bikes.
  8. BWB

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  9. KCvale

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    Same here, I've just been learning a lot longer is all ;-}

    Well that is where going direct drive starts with fatter tires, you had to modify the engine mount and left sprocket.
    Besides the dirty job of removing a used engine on dirty bike, you have to start over with things where they should be and rebuild.

    In your case I'd just say stay direct drive and save shifting for the next one is all.
    You can get your money back easy selling it once you start learning all the things that inherently need fixing on a 2-stroke and go from there on the next build.
  10. BWB

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    With these mags I wouldn't be able to take advantage of gears of say an internally geared hub. That's why I chose not to jack shafts .
  11. BWB

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    Wow, that sounded wrong. One extra letter and the whole thing went south. Hey Mike, I was thinking that while you're cruising it as a bike you could fill the tank with your favorite beverage and rig a hose to drink from. Haha There's a marketing point they overlooked. That would be cool though.
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  12. KCvale

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    I would say an alcohol based beverage, so as not to pollute the tank heheh ;-}
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