Entanglement & Amputation Prevention!


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Dec 13, 2015
After buying a new pair of boots noticing the laces as always way too excessive and it's always a round cord that is intended for strength Not cinch!
The laces come undone within 20 steps or even if I'm sitting in a chair there steel toe work boots thin Bahmas or some crap brand name.
Well, if that boot strap come undone there is gonna be 2 feet of strap blowing in the wind I'm not aware of that is going to entangled in the drive chain to the drive gear to that motor that has enough power to pull that unbreakable cord cut my foot off and being tied up to come stop half to fall over or lead to another wreck.

So my solution was go down to REI buy Nordic quick tie laces for $10 bucks which is will worth it even for tennis shoes runner need them for jogging races that won't come untied in a race.
So I'm glad I bought them they stay tight never break loose.
Thought I would say something about may of been 100% fatality rate why it's unknown but predictable accident senerio!


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Jul 9, 2016
This is a great topic!!! You never want any part of your clothing to get tangled in the drivetrain. Not sure how likely amputation may occur, but can cause wrecks aplenty. Any steps taken for safety is a good thing. I like your solution to keeping your feet from getting yanked by the chain.


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Jul 3, 2008
Great idea, I was worried about my shoelaces getting sucked into my CVT on my Honda GC 160
or tangled up in the open flywheel.