EPA legal kits have arrived

not sure about -- boygofast ????????????????

I believe boygofast is selling one aswell.

not sure about boygofast BSA

one of our members posted an e-mail from bgf

and they do not seem to be a very nice company.................................

in time mabe they will shape up ???????????????????????????????????????

I don't want to be dealing with bgf - I want to ride that THING
does anybody know if this is truly a leagal epa certified kit? documentation or label? does that certification come from china or the u.s.? i'll buy one if this is truly under 50cc & documented u.s. epa compliant!! heck ill take a dozen!
Hey, you can slap an sticker on anything nowaways. I'm EPA compliant with a sticker stuck on my backside everytime my wife makes chili for lunch.
got epa documentation for that chili? lol!! show us the paper work bicycle-engines.com! & ill be your best seller!!
I dont believe you are going to find any engines on a MB that are EPA approved for "On Road Use". Even the Japanese engines I have seen are EPA approved as S.O.R.E.'s (small off road engines), that approval is applied to mostly tillers, water pumps, generators, etc.
We're all polluters anyhow, no matter what we do. Most of our agriculture alone is farmed with GE crops, petroleum derived chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Then all of that "food" is shipped around the country and world. The EPA is a joke, a farce, a front for something lurking in the background. Same goes for most of the other alphabet soup agencies. The only way to be kind to the environment is to stop manipulating it so much. A few more 2 strokes in operation are never going to screw the ecosystem as much as the first spills those new offshore oil rigs are going to. Speaking of which, noticed how the price of gas dropped sharply once our great leaders in government gave in and said they would allow new offshore drilling?
Sorry for the rant. I just find this whole subject to be incredibly ridiculous when you look at the disgusting amount of waste most people create in any given day in this country. Remember, more waste and pollution is created in the production of consumer and industrial goods than in their use.
sheesh all i did was ask for the claimed epa documentation they claim to have! is that so much to ask for? i like to know what im really buying, as i said ill buy a dozen!! your right the footprint is small, & vendor honesty is a plus too!!
Me and me bro did a lot of reading on this subject and we found that the only EPA ban is for DIRECT IMPORT from China. So if you buy your little 2 stroke from someone in another country besides China you're within the legal limits.
If someone has found something different please speak up, otherwise it is all just hot air you're blowing.