EPA set to ban 2st import motors by Jan 1 2010!!!

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    From grubee homepage
    copied from a news forum

    From Grubee website http://www.grubeeinc.com/USA/StarFire GEN.htm

    Nov. 2009 USA Disclaimer Note:

    As of 2009 the only engine Nantong JiaLi, producers of StarFire brand, was able to get EPA approved was the 66cc family. The 50cc / 48cc did not get approved due to a China Test Lab’s inabilty to correctly get the application submitted on time. In 2010, at least as of Nov. 5th 2009 non of the 2 cycle engine factories in China have been able to get EPA certified to the new rating of 40CFR 1051. Meaning; no 2 cycle bike engine shipments will be able to enter the USA after Jan 1. 2010 unless something changes.

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    I expect the regs. will tighten some, but not as far as totally banning the 2st engine bikes. They will just try to wiggle in some fine print forcing MB riders to license and inspect them like motorcycles to make it prohibitively expensive.
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