Eric, Boston, MA USA. Hello! Plan on building motor bicycle in Puerto Rico next month

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  1. AmericanRoadwarrior

    AmericanRoadwarrior New Member

    I'm likely going to build a motorized bicycle down in Puerto Rico this holiday season during my annual 3 week vacation.
    I'm looking at a 80cc engine kit
    BTW, what does "66/80cc" stand for?
    Any advise on extras I should buy and have ready will be appreciated including tools.
    The little reading I've done so far indicates I should also buy a headlight and mirror.
    Thank you

  2. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    The chinese measures an engine in different way. They like putting 80 cc on their products to imply you're getting a bigger engine. The actual size of the engine is 66 cc.

    Yes get mirrors and a head light. Here in my state of Tennessee I'm not required to have signal, brake or tail lights but I do. This is for my personal safety. Some general hand tools is what you'll need. When it comes to tools can you ever really have enough of them??? LOL
  3. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Have fun riding the motorbike in PR. Different members emphasize different things. My big three are front brake, helmet and eye protection. Buying a Chinese engine is a little like buying a live animal, like a dog or horse. You may get a good one and you may get a bad one. You don't have full control over that.