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    Here's some snippets from an interview with :

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    In America we have the "Federal Ebike Law" that declares an ebike as:

    :D 750 watts maximum power output.

    :D Must have pedals.

    :D Cannot exceed 20 mph by motor power alone. if you want your ebike "protected" by this law (at least at the point of sale) you have to build to fit into it. Once you exceed 750 watts your ebike becomes an emotorcycle and that forces you up into another group of vehicles.

    This thing is going to need a motorcycle license, insurance, etc...
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    and it looks ugly and i would rather my current setup
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    Actually. Go to optibike dot com. They came out with the "hybrid" first and the TOP model of their line is only 16k

    this is nothing new
  6. SimpleSimon

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    This guy is another Dean Kamen. Make hugely overblown claims of originality whilst, at most making very minor technical applications/combinations of existing technologies.

    I wouldn't buy because I don't like boastful liars, whether the product is any good or not.
  7. sangesf

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    There is no such thing. This "Federal ebike law" as you call it has NOTHING to deal with the legal definition of bicycles in terms of whether a state calls it a bicycle or moped for registration, tags or license purposes.

    The federal law you are stating has to deal with safety equipment and NOTHING else.

    Don't make statements that are totally untrue and are based on opinion and not fact.
  8. safe

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    If you try to sell an ebike that does not conform to the law then you are not protected from lawsuits.

    This means that if someone crashes and injures themselves on an ebike you sell that they can sue you and have a very strong case that you sold them a dangerous vehicle.

    From a business standpoint it's pretty much insane to not comply... but it's not illegal to be out of compliance... just not very wise.

    The law protects the manufacturer and also is acting as a general guideline for the states to also conform to one single ebike law.

    My opinion is not to fight the federal government, it's laws or the courts and just go along... it's actually a good law in my opinion because it unifies everyone under one configuration. :D

    It's my goal on my ebikes to build something that will marginally pass the laws at the point of sale in order to get protection.


    The law was passed before Obama, so it's not part of any evil government takeover or anything... everyone seems so touchy about the government grabbing too much power these days, but this was passed back a few years ago when things were pretty quiet politically. It's intent was to provide a legal framework for ebikes so that everyone could be compliant with one set of rules. The goal was to unify the states so that one ebike could be sold in all 50 states and that (eventually) the states would recognize this configuration as something acceptable. The intent of the law was very pure and innocent... again... I think it's a good law.
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    It's a motorcycle. The ebike laws are irrelevant to this conversation.
  10. Pablo

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    Can someone post a link to this law?????
  11. machiasmort

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    I'm more intregued by the technology. Does anybody know how this is achievable? Seems almost like he using the motor as a flywheel. Supposed if you geared it correctly, you'd get alot of torque?
  12. johnrobholmes

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    Two easy ways to do it. First is to drive a small motor with a bank of fets that vary the load. The higher wattage in, the higher wattage the drive motor is powered.

    Second way, Use a magnet ring and hall effect sensor to determine cadence. Higher cadence is higher drive motor speed. Pedals can be attached to anything that creates linear resistance, like a friction plate.
  13. machiasmort

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    John, I appreciate your attempt, but thats beyond my capability of understanding! I know a little about electronics but what your describing sounds complex. I was thinking maybe they were using the torque of the motor inorder to shift gears easier, hence making higher gears achievable w/ human strength.
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