Essential Gear to take Riding

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  1. BirthNight

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    What do you all think is absolutely necessary to have on a ride?

  2. Mountainman

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    been know to ride a little light in the gear dept -- Calif thing

    on cold dark mornings though -- my big fat motor cycle gloves -- nice and warm
    they are way too much for Calif daytime riding
    but in the cold of the night -- nice and warm

    once those fingers get numb -- the MB trill is gone !!!

    wished to come back and add
    some simple tools -- sure come in handy
    screw drivers, adjustable wrench -- yes flats are a bummer

    as we ride those things
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  3. loquin

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    a flat kit & means of pumping up a tire. (I use the CO2 cartridge type)
  4. Mountainman

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    there is also a thread -- can find in search engine -- sure covers this subject well

    thread name ------------ Tools Carried On A MB

    have fun as you ride the motor bike