etching glass, wood, metals, stone

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    i was kind of trying to steer out of the "world econ" thread and really hesitated to go into more on the photo resist technique there, so here we go.

    there is tons of stuff being done out there with sand blasting, lazer and rotary type techniques. they all have great attributes and can even be combined for striking effects.

    the image of my daughter was an experiment. the features show crazy detail because of the way the dot matrix was manipulated. i used a very small round dot and tried several angulations of aspect and kept going till it started to degrade off the back side of peak clarity.

    as you mention the fascial shine isn't a real plus but i was trying to get the texture in Jeremy's shirt and necklace beads.

    this is an open thread, if you guys have other work to show or talk about go for it.


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    I've been pretty busy lately. I can't express my appreciation enough, for your willingness to share your knowledge. The one site that you left for me, I've already read but the other is a killer!

    If you or anybody else from the board e-mails me, I'll send an awesome post on making digital negatives from a digital picture.