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    So with building a motorized bicycle for the first time I know I will have a ton of questions to get started. I have checked out most of the pinned threads for newbies but I know I will want to hear from personal experiences when making my choices on hardware etc. I don't want to be "that guy" or irritate anyone that could help me out so should I put all my thoughts and questions in one big post or post each question separately? Which do most generally prefer?

    The build is with and for my college bound daughter and will be her main means of transport to/from campus and we plan to build the weekend of this coming August 8th, so you could see allot of posts from me in the next few days/weeks. I'm pretty confident we can knock this build out but if I can save some heartaches from your experience that would be a tremendous help.

    Dave A.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it, super cool people here.I would suggest a FD set up with a quality brand name (tanaka, mitsubishi, robin subaru, honda) for the engine, of course if it's in your price range.A friction is a simple reliable drive, great to start with, staton FD being the best at the present time.Have fun.
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    as a practical matter, folks read a post because of the title - one question per title may get the most useful replies
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