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Success after only 34 days, several calls to Dax and several minor modifications I'm up and running:D Still some tweeking to do but running just the same. Having some problem with the throttle not wanting to return but other than that everything going smoothly.


Did you oil up throttle cable before you put it on?Do you have any sharp bends in the cable?


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Dec 15, 2006
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also, check the slide inside the carb isn't sticking...I have seen that
if it IS sticking, I took mine out and sanded it with some wet/dry sandpaper (the black kind) by rolling paper into a tube :)
good luck and let us know how it goes

Al Keller

Thanks guy's Hollywood-I did wd40 the cable and there are no sharp bends Thanks
Azkornic - Took the top off the carb & tried to work the throttle and it wouldn't return. Took it off the handle bar re-sprayed it tried again still didn't work. loosened the screws backed the hand grip/throttle about 2 inches toward the end of the handle bar retightened the screws and it worked. twisted the throttle several times and it returned to it's original position. Thanksagain for the reply's. I'm thinking of going to a thumb throttle?



My stock throttle was too short. A "real" grip wouldn't had to trim the grip or you had 3" or so of just grip with no bar under it. The part the grip slides onto isn't closed off at the end, it's just tapered a bit. If it's put to far onto the bar it binds against it.

I bought a dual brake /throttle. It is long enough to fit a whole grip on, with plenty of extra room. No chance of the grip binding on the clamp. Also the end is not tapered like the stock one, so it cant bind on the handle bar.

A thumb throttle is also an option.

edit: Saw the linked throttle, after I'd ordered the throttle I have. Would have given it a shot. No idea if it would work, without mods.
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