Evaluating a Bike for GEBE-ification



I again concur with your thread Sam, and agree it should be a sticky. Getting the correct bike by following your instructions and then treating it according to what you have built is essential. There are so many different combinations of rider weight, engines, bikes and gears that can be used with the GEBE system. Because of this, it can be very confusing to a new builder as each combination has its own inherent problems. Your riding style can dictate to a degree what you need to build. After you ride it for a while you will no doubt make some modifications. Reading this web site and especially this thread will save you time and money. Always consider safety first. The engine power and bike strength will depend on the terrain and your physical condition (how much you intend to assist). Spoke size and wheels will depend on total weight and how aggressive a rider you are. If you are going to be on long trips or in the backcountry, a good set of tools will be a necessity. Regular maintenance and inspections will add to your enjoyment and longevity of your build. Break your engine in correctly. I weigh about 200 lb.s and have the wheel and spokes the bike came with. I have ridden it up some really steap hills with the R/S 035 and have about 1000 miles on it. No bent wheels or broken spokes. The engine is getting more powerful with each ride. The wheel gear is tracking true and the tensioner is not too tight but still barely moves. The belt is not wearing that I can tell. The bike is not fancy but is reliable. I give most of the credit to this web site and threads like this one. Ride often and enjoy your New Year!


Well said sir. I also believe this should be a sticky. I've never run a GEBE set-up, (many different other types though), and already this tutorial has been the first thing I do when wrenching. I open up this thread on the laptop, then I open the toolbox. Finding a frame that fit within the parameters of my vision and this engine kit has proven to be somewhat a chalenge, but I found what I needed. The rest I have on hand, and will begin the build in ernest soon (maybe I'll work on the frame tonight), and it should go fairly smoothly and quickly now, again with the help of this thread. I will also build with the help of the other threads, but this one is the stuff!!!