evel k is dead



We all lost a great sportsman today..almost all of us has wished to be the wild guy who would jump over anything..bike or motorcycle..we loved to watch him..and see him in those horrable crashes..who in their right mind would jump on a almost stock H.D. and live to tell about in....lol. Well the world is just a little less fun now...:-/



He was one of the gutsyest showmen ever. His son is following in his footsteps. Big footsteps!


Any time he was doing a jump I would be glued to the TV. I really liked him and what he did.


a true cyclist! look how many bones he broke & kept getting back on! i got back on too! but not nearly as many broken bones how about the rest of the gang? anybody else broke any bones cycling, or have any crazy kid stunt tales of dareing do? how about the first plywood ramp after watching evil do a jump! my hats off to old evil!!!



at the age of 14, i was inside riverside park (agawam MA) early because my old man raced figure-8 at their track ...

so, nothing's going on yet, we're cruising around in front of the track box-office, paul richards and i...and OMG here's evel coming at us on his golf-cart, full white leather and gem-stone getup, cane and all! noone else around. he invited us into the office half of his flex tandem trailer, served us dr pepper from his dorm fridge, sat behind his desk, and gave us easily a half-hour of general gab, just being nice to a coupla young kids (guys, i'm crying)...

he signed our tshirts (no, i have no idea what happened to it) and off we went, i watched him jump inside our little 1/8 mile oval that nite, and never forgot it :D

rest in peace, mr. kneivel, you've earned it :cool:
"....Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live." - Mark Twain - May 10, 1884


You will allways be with us EK !


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Sorry for this post,but he was a wife beater and friends would say he wasn't very liked.
I was there thruout his career. I was glued to the TV just like everyone else,and I too told everyone as a child that Evel was crazy if he thought he could cross the grand canyon in that rocket...it was like a mini version of a failed moon voyage.
He was really famous for his crashes,man.
Today we have Robby and people say he's not a likable person either.
I take my hat off for anyone when they pass on,even for Evil for he was a showmanship,but he didn't set too good an example when it came to being a role model.


evel kneivel-my hero has jumped to the next level!

what a kool frikkin man and he had such a great life!!!!!all hail the man from butte !!!!!!evel,ive broken bones and knocked out teeth trying to copy him but jumping over a smashed car doesnt even come close to what hes accomplished, wow i actually used his idealogies in life,what a great man and what a great life:D