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  1. JohnnyLoves

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    ~~~Rant Warning~~~

    Just the way I wanted to end the daily commute today, with a ring at the doorbell from East Haven's Finest. Unfortuantely for me, one of the neighbors called in a noise complaint this evening as I was driving up the block. Apprently, despite my bike being street legal, it is just too noisy for the surrounding neighborhood. They cannot stop me from riding it, but they left me with the warning of "be more considerate".

    To me this all sounds like malarkey. I'm practically the only one in my town with one of these things (besides "mbcass") so they know who exactly is riding this thing everywhere. Its not like I blend in exactly in this world of cars, motorcycles and vespas. I wonder how they would feel if I rode home every night on a nice V-Twin Harley.

    Yep, sorry about the rant, I had to express my anger with someone.

  2. 4doora

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    Neighbors can suck
    I can understand if it was around midnight or something, but even then at least have the balls to face you instead of whining to the pork.
    He11, If they think a MB is loud they should hear my VW bus with a muffler-less exhaust cruising down the road:lol:
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    I wouldn't worry about it. I had jerk neighbors when I was a kid about 25+ years ago who used to call cops on my 700S Nighthawk which had a loud exhaust. The cops could only check to make sure I didn't have a straight pipe and the 20 stack of disks on my supertrapp 4:1 exhaust was perfectly legal. I was always considerate and never took it above 4k rpm on the n'hood street and accelerated gently. THey didn't even like the sound of it idling in the driveway when I'd start it each day.
  4. darwin

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    If your bike sounds like a weedeater on steroids I can see where some folks might get a lil upset. Theres 2 sides to every story. I see that your young so that must explain it, I used to like the loud noise too so im guilty of the same. But now loud drives me nuts and anything that pierces my peace and quiet annoys me.........different strokes for different folks but I wouldnt call the cops unless it became unbearable and affected my sleep.
  5. Esteban

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    You say that you were riding it in the evenings. That is from 6pm-12pm. Riding at 6pm , or so , shouldn't be a problem, but I NEVER ride after dark, to respect others. Don't forget, many people are working long hours/different shifts, now.
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    ear plugs

    Buy your neighbor a cheap pair of ear plugs!
  7. This won't happen for the cops cannot tell you who called you in but any way you can find out at what STREET the complaint came from? And if it's your street then maybe find out which end so at night you know to never cross that part of the street and simply go around the block.
    Everyone wins this way.
  8. alex

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    I have had the cops called on me at least 4-5 times, by the same jerk who lives down my street, and here's the irony, he drives a big f-350 diesel that is easily louder than my bike when he leaves it idling in his driveway for 20 minutes almost every day. And to add to the irony, his next-door neighbors have 2 harleys with loud exhaust, and they have never had one complaint. I don't know what it is about my bike that throws people into a hissy-fit. It might be just the pitch of my exhaust and not the noise level.
  9. alex

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    Oh, and I never ride my bike after dark, only in the evening, when it isn't 90 degrees outside.
  10. JohnnyLoves

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    I do come home during the late evening due to my EMT Training class, however I have been trying to be more courtious. I kill the engine before I reach my cul-de-sac, and I pedal up the hill to my house. I didnt think this was a problem till my neighbors dog broke through the "pet electric fence" and started barking and snarling a foot from my bike. I didnt know what do, so I kicked the engine on and sped up the hill. Its not courtious to ride with my engine on at night, but it isnt safe to ride up my street with it off.
  11. augidog

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    try getting out there on a sunny weekend and pedalling around meeting the neighbors, introduce them to what yer up to and why...i have no idea what kinda folks they are so maybe this wouldn't work, but it sure wouldn't hurt...who knows, maybe ya get a riding companion out of it.
  12. JohnnyLoves

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    I hear ya augi, I'll do my best this weekend. I was thinking of having some kind of cook-out.
  13. augidog

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    mmmmmm...bar-bee-que :)
  14. sparky

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    This is THE problem with America nowadays. Technology has made it so easy to avoid those right in front of us.

    If they heard it, they'd prolly call the cops, 'cause that's illegal (most everywhere). The whole sound ordinance thing comes into play, and if you don't have the catalytic converter on, then the environmental aspect comes into play.

    The pitch is exactly it! When you're holding the thing WOT, you will be piercing the ears of all neighbors within a block minimum radius (A V-Twin Harley is loud, but it only gets the attention of your immediate neighbors, and those deep exhaust sounds are rather soothing, honestly). This is why I ALWAYS peddle the last two blocks home. My friend's GoPed Riot (GP460 motor) got the cop called on him a couple times by the same lady. It prolly sounds like a super fast (yet annoying) fly buzzing by her head. I do not want trouble, so I will keep on peddling out of the neighborhood. Ya can't do that with a GoPed!!
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  15. augidog

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    sometimes, i think it's resentment and a bit of minor jealousy, usually harmless until that 1st call to 5-0...

    just try to keep in mind...it's on us to work with them...we can pull it off, if we have more cookouts...

    mmmmm...corn on the cob....

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  16. Scottm

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    How weird. My neighbors all smile, laugh and wave when I ride by.
    My neighbors used to stay out all night and leave their dogs out. Those beasts would bark non stop. I would call the police and hold my phone out the back door, but since no one was home they couldn't write a ticket. Another neighbor got their phone number and would call and record the dog's barking on the answering machiene. When they got home there was 30 minutes of barking to listen to.
    They moved away to the country.
  17. HoughMade

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    I live in a neighborhood where my bike is the quietest thing on 2 wheels around....but I get more looks than the guys with the big-inch V-twins with the shorty pipes. However, my bike is pretty quiet.
  18. crabdance

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    I've noticed that one of our neighbors down the street will not wave at me when I'm on the bike, but they wave all the time when the wife and I are in the car. I guess they don't like the bike. Most people stop dead in their tracks and wave. When I stop in some place, there is always someone who wants to know all about the bike.

    So far no one has called the cops on me and I hope that stays that way. We have cars in our neighborhood that are louder than my bike... heck, some sound systems are louder than my bike.

    I feel for you people who get the cops called on you. Hope that it doesn't happen very much. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for ya.
  19. SirJakesus

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    If I had neighbors like that I'd be packing their big gas guzzlers exhaust with concrete in the middle of the night. Live and let live people. I can understand complaining about the guy with straight pipes on anything or a 1000w car stereo with massive subs but complaining about a vehicle that is probably quieter than a lawnmower is just asinine.
  20. augidog

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    oh yeah, that outta stop the civil complaints...now let's talk about criminal complaints.

    i think the cookout might be a better idea...

    mmmm...potato salad...

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