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    If you've ever seen an automaton band play you'll know what I mean, neat but creepy, every song, note, movement, nuance, is repeated without variance.That's what this new "Common Core" math they're piling on kids is doing to humanity.I first noticed the hoops, when the kids no longer had to be able to tell if the fries were burnt (the difference between golden brown and black is hard to tell) just pull them when the bell rings.Then with the SKU scanners, checkers used to be able to do math in their heads, now just wait for the beep.Pavlovian dog society, get ready people, the next two comments state it better:

    Richard Blum

    I have been a mathematician all of my life and a Vedic Math (VM) teacher for the last 18 years. I can't believe that one of the main dictates of Common Core is to downplay the ability of a student to calculate in favor of their ability to "conceptualize. Every time that get in front of a class of students - I always ask the same first question - How many of you hate math and if you didn't have to study it you wouldn't? Almost every time every hand gets raised. These students have already be taught to hate math. The way math has been taught traditionally (pre-Common Core) is hard, boring and not especially effective in solving problems quickly. Now, add to this, Common Core, with a student not being well grounded in knowing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide and you have a student who will not be able to compete on the world stage. Math should be taught in an interesting and methodical manner that students will not only enjoy, but, understand quickly in a natural manner. Switching to Common Core will not

    E.J. Burger

    I have had similar homework with my kids in sarasota county. The other problem I am noticing is that I am told by my children "No dad, that is the right answer but that isn't how they want the answer written. Meaning IMO they 1.) programing my kids to be robots and answer only in very specific ways with creativity and/or efficiency being looked down upon 2.) are programing kids to know what is right and what the authority figure wants can be two different things, and to get points you need to give the authority figure what they want.

    As to the directions they are over complicating teaching strategies.
    Our schools would be ok reviving 700 tests and having all the written answers worded exactly the same. They would think they did an amazing job. A generation of robots ready to ring **** up at wal-mart.
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    well then we just need to help our kids not be robots.
    That means we spend less time in front of the TV and more time conversing with them and helping them think for themselves.
    Give them opportunities to be creative or to problem solve (such as how to fix a bicycle).