Ever get hassle filling your MB at the pump?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Dankoozy, Mar 22, 2013.

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    During Celtic Tiger Ireland it was somewhat common for pumps to try and enforce a €10 minimum spend because anyone buying less petrol wasn't worth their trouble or worth taking up the use of a pump. I used to fill my Sachs 301 (spartamet) all the time in the Netherlands and nobody batt an eyelid, they even had pumps that sold pre-mixed 50:1 but in Ireland I only ever filled the GX25 at the pump once, didn't get any hassle because the girl at the counter wasn't a bit interested, dieing to get back to who ever she was texting :) Cost 61c to fill but she would have taken a bit more because I'm using the stock fuel tank and the side opposite the filler cap doesn't fill unless I tilt the bike way up.

    Still I'm weary of doing that lest I might annoy the shop owner who fondly remembers "landscapers" (guys who barely knew the difference between a shovel and a spade) filling up their brand new Nissan Navara crew cab bought on credit to the very brim. Here all the pumps say "minimum delivery 2 litres" but I'm sure that is put on there because the meter isn't that accurate unless it pumps a certain volume of fuel
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    No problems here mate its all self serve, use a card to pay at the pump. No reason to go inside.
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    Perhaps the ten minimum (yikes) is to cover the added cost to them of using a credit card.
    Anyway, never an issue here in N.Y.
    I usually fill a gallon can and use that to gas the bike at home.
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    I usually fill a 10L can as well but if I went further than 12-15km from the house I would have to fill it at a pump or carry extra fuel around. A lot of places won't do card for purchases less than €10 but you had (and still have some) wanting you to buy €10 worth of fuel no matter how you pay. There arent that many pumps here with a built in card terminal but for the reason you stated I'd say a lot of those could be programmed with a minimum as well, not that I've ever tried it
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    i havent had an issue yet buying gas for my bike. i usually pay with my credit card and its about 90 cents on 93 to fill the tank on my bike. i really dont want to go in and pay the person at the register 1 dollar for gas and get the change from the gas i didnt use...lol
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    lowriderbike, is that spam shenanigans or what?I'm guilty of going off topic, but it's always related to the post.
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    So your round trip range is 30km (19 miles)?
    Maybe it is time to look into a bigger fuel tank?
  8. Dankoozy

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    I should. I wouldn't mind a cylindrical one to fit under the crossbar but this stuff is hard to get around here. The most annoying thing about the stock fuel tank is that it doesn't fill completely when its on level ground