Ever have one of those days?

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    I'm not sure I even want to post this for posterity. After a forgettable day of fishing (nothing biting), I decided to perform my first oil change on my Whizzer. I got my tools, oil and the can to catch the used oil ready, wheeled the bike out and commenced changing the oil. After removing the drain plug, the oil started draining right onto the exhaust pipe. Okay, just reposition the can to catch the oil running off both sides of the pipe and everything's copasetic. Then I decided to remove the dipstick so the oil might drain more quickly. So I got up off my hands and knees, kicking over the can of used oil (which had about six ounces in it by that time). :eek: It's amazing how a mere six ounces of 40 weight oil takes on the properties of a 43 gallon barrel of crude once knocked over, especially on a steep driveway. Holy carp! :shock: I don't have any rags or paper towels nearby to mop it up. I quickly ran inside and grabbed newspaper and paper towels, ran out to the driveway and instantly realized I didn't have enough to clean it up. Now the six ounce spill is looking more like a Superfund cleanup site. I ran back in and grabbed more, and after a few minutes was finally able to get it mopped up. However, I have no oil dry or kitty litter, so there's this nice big, long black smear on my driveway. :mad:
    Okay, back to the bike. I put the plug back in and added eight ounces of oil, replaced the dipstick and decided to take it for a spin. It turned the bike around, stepping on the oil smear with my right foot. I attempted to wipe the oil off the bottom of my shoe in the grass, and then I hopped on the bike. With the kind of luck I've been having, I grabbed the helmet and put it on. I wasn't about to tempt fate.
    I turned on the ignition, flipped the kill switch to on, and rolled down the driveway to fire her up. I pulled out to do a lap around the block, only to have the engine die 3/4 of the way around the 1/3 of a mile loop. It was then I realized I forgot to turn on the fuel. Doh! I turned the fuel cock on and started pedalling, only to have my right foot (remember the oil smear I stepped in?) slip off the pedal. All my weight came down on the handlebars, which although tight, weren't tight enough. They pivoted down, assuming the look of board track racer handlebars just in time for the engine to catch. :shock: I'm not used to riding with my hands next to my ankles.
    I got the bike back to my house, repositioned the handlebars and tightened them again. I checked the oil level, which was perfect, so I decided to make another lap and put her away. That lap, fortunately was uneventful. I put the bike away, closed up the garage and went inside. Then I decided to let my Springer Spaniel out to go to the bathroom, and he hightailed it across the street to my neighbor's house, where they were seeing off some guests. I went over and started chatting, only to see him getting friendly with one of the guests, who had been handling her mother's female dog (which was in heat) earlier in the day. Moments later, he's doing what any intact male dog is likely to do. He started ...yeah, I don't need to spell it out. After all, this is a family oriented site. Talk about embarassing. :oops: What a capper to my day.
    Anyone else have a day like mine recently?
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  2. Dude ever try to explain the inner workings of a internal combustion engine to your average fry cook. os having to explain why those 22 inch rims wont fit on that 1990 hyunda. or better yet why that 10,000 wat sterio is draining the battery and frying the alternator. That is my normal day.
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    I see you work with some of the same people I do! :lol: My favorite was the co-worker who kept her spare car key in the glove box! Then she locked herself out! :lol:
  4. Its not my coworkers Im worred about, Its the customers. I work at a automotive retale store.
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    wow, kilroy. that sux!
    me? two flat tires, on two different bikes on same day. (rears. always the rears)
    both have Mr Tuffies tire liners, and had gone with no flats for months and months.
    the first one took a self-tapping screw that actually penetrated the liner. that was a first. ok, i carry a spare tube. no problem. oops..."this is a 24" tube". i found that it did work. a couple lbs of air, and much pinching the tire onto the rim, inch by inch. got me home.
    didnt want to risk that, so rode megans bike to work. luckily, the drywall screw penetrated the sidewall a mere 100yds from work. carry a patch kit, too.
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    my worst day was 3 blow ots broke a spoke fized the spoke and yet hr later broke againe on top of almost getting fired in less then 4 hrs
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    Wow Turbo, you would hasve been better off staying in bed that day!
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    Well Kilroy, there ain't no way around it. Jinx day.

    but things can only get better.

    Now if only Murphy's law doesn't come and get one of us.
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    I don't have a driveway or a nice bike and my dog has been neutered. We are both envious of your "problems".
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    I had another of those days...

    Actually, it started last evening when I found that my Whizzer's battery will not take or hold a charge. It's shot. Dead. Kaput. Pushing up the daisies. Guess who had an appointment to get the bike inspected the next day? Uh-huh, your's truly.
    Now, this was to be my day off, but I had to go into work at 0930 for a meeting that got postponed from Monday. I had to push back my inspection appointment because of the meeting. I drove to work only to find that things were somewhat chaotic due to being shorthanded, and after hearing that the meeting was pushed back a half-hour I dug in and helped out. A half-hour later, they cancelled the meeting. So I drove in and back, a half hour each way, for nothing. Just great. At least I got paid for my 45 minutes there.
    I got home, got the Whizzer ready and hopped on it for the seven mile ride to the inspection place. I got there, wheeled it in, and the guy said "This needs to be inspected?!?" It was kind of like the MASH episode where they were across enemy lines for an exchange of wounded when Frank Burns pulled out the little chrome pistol. The North Korean Doctor laughed and said, "What the he** is that?" That's the best way to describe this situation. It was the first time he had seen a Whizzer.
    I was lucky that the inpection mechanic didn't know that the thing had a battery, we checked the lights and horn with the engine running, and I got my inspection sticker. Okay, at least one thing went my way. I'll chalk one up in the win column. Oops, I spoke too soon, as he doesn't take credit cards and I didn't have enough cash. Fortunately he let me go home and get the cash without having to leave my bike as collateral.
    I set off for home, taking back roads as far as I could, but it finally came time to get on the main road for the remaining three or so miles. I was cruising along at 35mph, pulling onto the shoulder when traffic started to back up behind me. At one point, one cager in an SUV took exception to my being on the road and passed me with the horn blaring, middle digit upraised and cut over almost too soon.
    A little later I saw a line of cars approaching from behind so I looked for a nice piece of shoulder to pull onto and found it - except I didn't see that there was a little bit of a gap between the concrete roadway and asphalt shoulder. The rear tire rode the gap, causing my bike to yaw briefly, but solidly. I thought that might mean trouble, so I pulled over and checked the rear wheel. Everything seemed okay, so I continued on, and it wasn't until about a mile later when I turned into my driveway that the tire started going flat. That was a bit of luck getting home okay, but I have no spare tube. I used it last month when I had another flat. And why is it always the rear tire?
    Well, at least the first part of getting everything legal is done. I had tried to get my Whizzer registered as a moped like my brother's (RdKryton), but last week when I received my paperwork I saw that PennDot registered it as a motorcycle. Hence, the inspection and now I need to get a motorcyle license. I hopped into my car, drove back to pay the inspection mechanic, drove to the antiques shop where I rent space to pick up a check, then pointed the car south to the driver's license center in Oxford to get my motorcycle learner's permit. Forty minutes later I arrive there only to find that they don't do the motorcycle permits there. I'd have to go to the full-service center in Lancaster, which is 45 minutes back in the direction I came from. Ironically, it was 15 minutes from the antiques shop. I just avoid going there because it's always packed. So I point the car north and head back to Lancaster. I was about 3/4 of the way to the licensing center when I glanced at the direction sheet, and at the operating hours. They were open until 4pm, and the clock on the dash said 4:32. I turned around and went home. Well, I thought, I'll mow the lawn when I get home. I pulled out the mower, and guess what? It started malfunctioning, surging and blowing black smoke every time it surged.
    That's it! Stick a fork in me, I'm done. I went back inside and called it a day.
  11. Kilroy were you an assin in a former life or something. bad karma is one thing. but, man that was unreal. And I thought having to get college kids to understand any thig was bad
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    I don't know, but my mojo definitely took the day off!
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    Could You Sell That Story As A SitCom Script?