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    :confused: I was wondering how another plug other than (I know) cheaper China plug, would help overall performance of motor?................and coil wire swap-out also?

    48cc Skyhawk Slant Head

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    LOL.... maybe a turbo???? :idea:
  3. Geeb,

    I've found that these engines are enough of a hit-or-miss on quality that specifics like what you are asking are sometimes impossible. If you ask some folks here, they'd say that the engine turned into superman, while others might not see a change. I've met some folks who have over 1000 miles on the factory plug (that's what they've told me) while others won't even use it to fire up the engine. As for the plug wire, I guess if you had increased the compression, or, you received a "special Friday built engine kit", maybe you would see some significant gains. Simply my .02 but let's see what others have to say.
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    Why I changed both my plug and plug wire.
    1) Made in China, POS like the studs.
    2) Stock wire has very few wires in the core. Also very thin.
    3) Connection between the boot and plug leaves much to be desired.

    You learn on each and every build after the first. My son was 10 miles from the house at 10PM and had problems with the engine (first build) running. I saw when I installed both the plug and wire that I didn't like the connection that was made. He called me and I told him to find some foil or wire and wrap around the plug tip and limp home while I was on my way. Next day I changed both the plug and wire (kept plug with screw top on is a spare). If you change the plug the wire needs to be change because the boot connection is made to only fit a plug that have the threads bare. I didn't see any difference in performance but have had not one issue with the boot to plug connection.
  5. If you change the plug you can use the same boot,just unscrew the tip on your new plug.

    Im using a pullstart on mine and stock plug at 1,000miles,i pull the pull start handle out just 4-5inches and it starts right up the first time still.
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    The majority of plugs we buy today don't have the removable tip.

    Chinese LD Z8C :
    N.G.K. C6HSA, G6M, b6hs
    ENKER T70
    Diamond e3 12
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    Spark Plugs

    I've never seen a spark plug that doesn't have a screw on tip. I'd like to
    know what brand doesn't. As far as reliability, the best, most durable plugs
    are made by NGK or Bosch without a doubt.:confused::confused:
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    I'm sorry that you have led a sheltered life. Here are seven (7) plugs I have around the house that goes to different engines. None of them are the same.

    List.. left to right

    Non removable top...Champion DJ8J from a Brigs engine edger
    Removable top...Oregon 77-301-1 Chain saw
    Non removable top...Chanpion RJ19LM from a Lawn mower
    Non removable top...AC Delco R43T from Chevy 1987 350 marine engine
    Non removable top...AC 41-932 (25177875) 1998 GMC Yukon 5.7
    Removable top...NGK B7HS 2 cycle
    Removable top...Denso14-U Brigs Lawn mower

    I use a NGK with the tip screwed on and a boot that will fit correctly. The stock boot WILL NOT fit on a plug with the tip screwed on and stock set up has a loose contact.

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    Spark Plug Tips

    I've worked on motorcycles and car engines for over 40 years, and yes,
    they were all under a shelter, because I have enough sense to stay out
    of the rain! ALL of the plugs unscrew at the top, that's how the porcelain
    top is assembled. Put those "non removable tops" in a vice and learn sumthin'
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    What a asinine cover up to your original statement. YES I know that the WHOLE top can and will come off, thus rendering the plug useless (to use as a spark plug). I have done that to make a adapter to attach a air hose to hold valves up in place to change valve guide seals. We have members on here that barely know anything about these engines, let alone differences in spark plugs and you want to screw with their head....Get real.
    For you're information the stud is what holds the insulator in place, and a terminal nut screws on top of the stud which is the removable part.
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    Plug top

    See Al, I knew you would learn sumthin". Now you just need to relax and
    maybe go fishin"