Everyone in Sydney, Aus take a look at this

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by AlexRSS8, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. AlexRSS8

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    Hey all, everyone in sydney, check out this great deal

    You will recieve it in kit form and you will need to build it yourself, there are some instructions.the bike and motor will take a few hours to put together and it helps if you enjoy building things as it has fair amount of items to attach. yes you get:
    1 x 49cc engine kit
    1 x 18 speed mountain bike with upgraded spokes designed to handle the extra stress of a motorised bike, front disk brakes, suspension and a light weight frame.

    Its sold at Gasman bikes, costing $450, comes with everything mentioned above.

    Now im not endorsing this company or product in anyway im just saying what a great deal it is, and i'll be picking one up in july.

    im discussing buying 2 without a motor, as already having a 50cc motor that is reliable and powerful, and my brother possibly wanted one to fit a 70cc on

    thanks for taking a look.

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  2. Irish John

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    I've looked at it and the price is cheap and so is the bike and the componentry. I wouldn't want to ride this nasty crud. Spend more and get yourself something decent - especially the bicycle. Sorry to disappoint someone but I know this kit is put together with one thing only in mind - to sell them as cheap as possible because by the time the new guy finds out just how nasty it is he has already bought it.
    Read through this forum until you get the knowledge you need then ask for help.
    Once upon a time I would have been tempted by an offer like this but once you learn a few things you think differently.
  3. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    I dunno, the bike itself looks pretty solid, that of course being said the bike only put together for showroom appeal (fingertight, just to hold it together for a pic).

    I think i'll go check it out at the gasman bikes showroom, ask a few questions, etc etc.

    at the end of the day if im satisfied with the bike itself (fitting my own motor) i'll give it a go, and if it turns out to be crud, well you live you learn
  4. Irish John

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    Take a closer look Alex. Bottom of the range derailleur, bottom of the range telescopic forks with steel crown (not alloy - a dead give away), cheapo crank, very low range stem (another give away), a really cheap disc break, a really cheap freewheel.
    It is a supermarket bike with 12g spokes (prob galv not stainless) in cheap rims, low slung handlebars for maximum disconfort.
    It's not worth it Alex hold out and buy a decent mid-range bike either new or second hand. Those drop out lugs will be too thin to support the cheap axle and bearings. This bike will cost you because you'll be replacing everything and you will regret it. It's a nasty piece of ware and I can't let it go by unchallenged.
    This bike does have one function I can think of - take the engine off and it would be OK to ride it along the beach and through the salty sand and hose it down afterwards. You'd get a couple of months out of it that way.
  5. Mountainman

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    hard to say but --
    the cheaper derailers used tells me something about the bicycle

    let's see what do you truly have there -- just going from the picture now -- ok ??

    motor prox cost 150 US dollars ----- bicycle prox cost at the most with heavy duty spokes 150

    that's 3 hundred the way I see it -- at the most ???

    am I wrong ???

    ride that THING sideways
  6. Irish John

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    Mountainman, on sale a bike like that can have a Aus $45 price tag in Big W.
    Not in a sale - Aus$99.99 max.
    So you are dead right. You have even less total cost price if you built it yourself but no self respecting MBcer would want to build it and no cycle shop around my way would service it because they don't touch supermarket bikes.
    That bike will turn out expensive really quickly because it is below any acceptable standard for a bicycle let alone a motored bicycle.
  7. AlexRSS8

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    Ok, i've decided to buy a used trek bike off a mate, i've inspected it and looked at the points irish john made, its a great bike, and when i get it all setup i'll put it up on MBc
  8. Irish John

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    That's good news Alex. I was just leaving for Sydney to stop you when I saw your posting. I'm glad cos it's raining datsun cogs and it's an 850 km ride to Sydney on the Honda and 2000 kms on the HT!