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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by GearNut, Jun 27, 2010.

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    Listened to that. Interesting stuff.

    In the "related videos" after it played I found a vide claiming to show thousands of vehicles on a satellite image on Google earth, allegedly UN vehicles, parked on a pair of crossing runways at a privately own airfield south of Jacksonville, FL, near Green Cove Springs. Unfortunately for the maker of the video, the image was taken on 1/3/2008, and has no relationship to the oil spill.
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    To the best of my abilities, I weed out the BS and paranoia before I share things such as this. I think it is safe to say that the 1/3/08 photo used in the context of being related to the gulf spill is someone trying to stir up paranoia.
    Also, the context of "related videos" that u-bube comes up with sometimes show that a computer selects them as quite often, they have no relation what so ever.
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    There is an old saying in politics: never waste a good disaster (or words to that effect).

    What i would like to know, is the methods government will implement to use this disaster to their advantage or to advance their political ends.

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    Would it also be fair to say the the disinformation machine is going into overdrive as we speak.
    Confusion is as good as a solution from past historical events.

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    im kinda thinking that when people finally realize how bad it is gonna get,it could cause major panic or even an economic collapse.
    thats when things could start to snow ball.

    or maybe theyle get it stopped soon and after a good flushing,everything will get back to normal....minus the new cancer patients.
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    The video is gone.
    Any new links to it?