Everyone with an OCC stingray chopper looky here



Sup ladies and gentilmen starfighter here with a breaking news bulliten I after tomorrow will have sprocket adapters for the 4 1/4 in. rims for the OCC choppers you will be able to mount not only the sprocket but also be able to attach a diskbrake and caliper to your bike i drew it up after my incident in Deleware i broke the brakes that come on the bike they just snapped right off. I get mine tomorrow and will let you all know how it works out on friday when i recieve mine tomorrow im still going to have to drill the holes for the bolts to attach the adaptor to the hub on the rim it'll work just like the one from cjrimports aka livefastmotors hopefully there hub adaptors are great though i never bought one the only difference is that the one i drew up has a bit xtra in order to be able to mount any diskbrake onto it mainly for bicycles ofcoarse any questions email me at xreyes03@yahoo.com


i deleted about 4 duplicates of this post....i suggest you get a handle on your "excitement" before you find yourself unable to post.
yea bud sorry to you to i was xcited and went a bit crazy i admit sorry

OCC StingRay, what I learned, and what needs work.

I finished my StingRay last month. The thing gets mondo attention, and I love the way it rides and looks!!!

Now on to the story:

The Livefast mount worked better for me, bolts up to the frame down tube and the motors not apt to flex around when you bump start, (that puts a lot of strain on the motor mount). The T36 sprocket is the way to go, anything larger and you can't get any speed. Climes hills well too.

On to the wish list:

1. I wish I could get the seat back farther without messing with the integrity or the looks. What a great after market item that would be.

2. I wish I could relocate the back brake or use a disk setup so I could do away with the tensioner, and run the chain straight back. Tensioner is noisy and chain flops around too much. I put the tensioner around the outside, now I got it through the inside.........Don't like it.

3. Tail pipe could use a nice bend upward as it clears the crank. That way you could deploy the center stand easier.

4. Well, while I'm wishing, how about a kick start or a pull start that wouldn't interfere with the pedals!

As you can see I still have a few things to sort out........Any suggestions would be appreciated!

People pull me over all the time and ask me tons of questions and want one. So I've been combing the ad's and buying a few OCC's bikes to set-up and sell.....Hey why not, I love these things!


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hey mikaleno, sick bike!
I've got a stingray too, here are some solutions that might be helpful...

1) I have seen bikes around the forums with regular bicycle saddles, they don't look too bad and are probably a lot more comfortable. I know AZvinnie did this, maybe send him a message.
Or you could do what I did, I just got some bigger handlebars. It really makes the bike feel bigger.

2) I'm also dying for a better brake setup. I have seen front disk brakes, and other front brakes used for better stopping power, but it would seem impossible to have a sprocket and a rear disk brake (StarfighterX I'd love to see you pull this off if you ever make it back)
I've got my tensioner running under the brakes, as you have it now. I really don't have a problem with it, seems to work okay for me. Is you're chain tight enough? I've found that when I set my tensioner to where my chain is the tightest, I still have a nice bit of slack.

3) All i can say is "whip out a torch" :cool:

4) I have seen pull start kits around, I'm not sure if clearance would be an issue though.
for a "kick start", you could try and make one of the rear wheel stands that allows you to pedal the bike, technically that would be a kick start, eh?:LOL:
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Hi 4doora.

Yeah, I kinda don't want to mess with the way the seat looks, it's the best looking IMHI. If I find the same diamond type handle bars with a slight rise I would try that, (which ones did you get?) Again the stock ones look soo cool and fit the look of the bike.....Maybe I'll just take some shrinking pills, I'm 5'11.

Yes, I've been pondering this lame rear brake set-up for months. Maybe put the calipers on the top swing arm tube, (yes break out the torch). Then how do you run the cable, though the fender?????? As you can see from the pix I've ran the chain on the outside of the swing arm, now I have it on the inside. My thinking is less chain, closer = less flopping/noise........Maybe.

I got the pull start, It will not clear the pedals....Of course. What would be cool is a kick start on the gear side (right side) of the motor. That would fold in and clear the pedals.

I would Love to put that OCC team to work on some of these motorized fabrication problems, or any decent shop for that matter.
These are the handlebars I went with.
I like the old school chopper look. The fact that they're positioned more comfortably than the stock bars (IMHO) is just an added bonus.

If and when i do upgrade my brakes, I'm not touching my rear brakes. I'm just going to go with an easy front brake to accompany the stock rear brake.
It just seems impossible to find a practical solution to dealing with that HUGE back tire.

Quick question, do you know how fast you've gotten w/ that sprocket on there?
I think with that sprocket I'm hitting about 30 mph if I really push it. I got it from Spooky Tooth, had to take my Dermel and make the holes a little closer to the center of the sprocket. Of course the bike feels best cruising at about 20 mph, kick back and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of that big rear tire, keep your eye's on those little screws that hold the sprocket adaptor to the hub. Mine loosened up on me and I caught it just in time.......Those really should be 10mm instead of what they are, 8mm or so.

Let me know how you're going to add a front brake, I'm interested.
I must admit I like the bars you have on your bike....Old school. I'd like to see some more pix of your bike if you could attach them.

Thanks' 4doora, you got great taste!
Thanks mikaleno!

here are a few pictures...


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